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Identify and define the limits of the crime scene(s).

ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN-IT-IN. Work must be in APA Format, 3-4 citations within the essay. Essay must be a minimum of 1500 words, not including the title page. Due date Monday 05/04/20 @5pm Eastern Standard Time. Assignment: 1. Identify and define the limits of the crime scene(s). 2. Outline the purposes of a crime scene search and describe the responsibilities of the first officer to arrive at the scene of a crime. Explain the responsibilities of the investigator at the crime scene and explain the necessity for recording conditions and evidence discovered at the crime scene. 3. Describe the Pan Am Flight 103 crash case of Lockerbie, Scotland - the largest crime scene search of more than 800 square miles. How would you contain this "scene" if you were the lead investigator? How would you go about interviewing witnesses? 4. You are the investigator at a location where three gunshot victims have been discovered dead at a local motel known for drug trafficking and prostitution. There are 2 eyewitnesses (both are noticeably drunk and/or high on drugs) who waited for the police to arrive. One of the eyewitnesses says he thinks there are at least 3 other local residents who may have information - either direct or indirect - on the crime. Describe what you must do as the first officer at the scene to collect physical evidence and collect and preserve trace evidence. 5. Psychological profiling is done to recognize and interpret visible contextual evidence at the scene as indicative of the personality type of the perpetrator. This tool has become part of the American zeitgeist due to its portrayal on numerous television crime shows. Explain how it works, then conduct online research to determine how police use this tool and how effective it is in solving crimes.

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