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PED 501—Final Exam Essay Questions Name: Instructions: Please read the prompts carefully; after reading through the prompts, please choose 4 to respond to. For each prompt please respond in 250 words or more. Check for spelling and grammar prior to submission. This portion of your Midterm is worth 50 pts, or 12.5pts per response. Please number your responses in accordance with the prompts. 1. Fully explain how social class, life chances, social stratification, and class relations are associated both in the broader societal context as well as specifically in the sporting context. 2. Explain the relationship of sport and media. Discuss the codependence and how, if so, each entity embraces one another for its survival. Please provide examples of how their interdependence has impacted both institutions. 3. There is an ongoing conversation as to the relevancy of sport in the educational context. Please discuss how and where sport fits into the educational model, both at the K-12 level and at the collegiate level. 4. Please compare and contrast the international club model versus the domestic intercollegiate model. Discuss the pros and cons of whether the United States should explore the club model as opposed to the current intercollegiate model. 5. Discuss the intersection between religion and sport. Please identify how sport has been, and/or, is utilized as a tool for religious ideology (both positively and negatively). 6. Given the current circumstances, please explain what you see as the lasting impact of COVID-19 on the institution of sport (both consumption and patrticipation).

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