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Hist Research Paper

ASSIGNMANT CORRECTIONS in THREE (3) SECTIONS, NEED Attention DONEHM Mock Thesis Corrections List We read over your thesis and found it really very interesting! Note issues of citation. Some citations as noted in your Works Cited are absent within the paper AND citations throughout the paper NOT appearing in the Works Cited. A considerable number of references in your thesis don’t appear in your list of Works Cited. SECTION 1. These are the references with the pages within your thesis project where a citation was noted, but DO NOT appear on the Works Cited page: ( ADD) Alogaili, page 34 Penelope Gilliatt, page 2 in paper John Lahr, page 3 Monague, Valerie, page 4, 58, 59 Postalwait, page 4 Oscar Wilde, page 8 John Mill, page 14 Broadberry/Harrison, page 10 Burgess, pages 20-24 Great Depression and WWII Teacher Resources, pages 20 and on Fishback/Jaworski, page 22 Campbell/Weatherford, page 25 Stock Market Crash, page 25 Billington 31 Astra North, page 62 SECTION 2. These are the works cited noted on the Works Cited page that DO NOT appear in the paper that I can see: REMOVE Ackerman Banerjee Ditmore Graham Greenblatt Saville-Troike Esslin Pack Smith Herman I don’t know which Pinker is noted for which reference in the paper (there are two Pinkers in the Works Cited). SECTION 3. There are areas where citations are needed: Victorian section, pages 7-8 Discussion of Wilde’s play, pages 9-12 Thomas Hardy discussion on page 12 Emily Bronte discussion on page 13 John Mill discussion on page 14 Whole section on Victorian society Cites Encyclopedia Britannica and no reference is noted in Works Cited.

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