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Healthcare leadership position paper.

Healthcare leadership position paper. This assignment addresses a leadership issue chosen from the approved topic list below. The paper is to be 4-5 pages, excluding references and title page. An abstract is required. Your abstract can be included in your page count. Any paper on a topic not from the approved list will not be accepted! Research of the topic as it relates to the healthcare leadership profession. The grade for this paper will be determined by adherence to the following criteria: _______ 1. Issue in the Literature (25%) A. Definition and Description: Provide a clear definition and description of the ethical, moral, legal, and research issue of the topic you selected in healthcare leadership. B. Issue Development -examine the history of the topic and explain how the problem began. C. Position – discuss the various positions (viewpoints) from the literature. You must have at least two different sources for each position. D. Resolution of Strategies – identify the various ideas as proposed in the literature for resolving this issue. ________2. Critique of the Issue in the Literature (20 %) Discuss the strengths, weaknesses/omissions, and accuracy of the information in the literature. ________3. Position (25%) A. Position of Profession – discuss views about the issue and strategies for resolving this problem/issue B. Defense of Position – provide appropriate rationale to defend professional views. ________4. Documentation (20%) A. Outline followed with heading (APA) provided for logical flow B. Paraphrasing and limited use of direct quotes C. Flow and readability of the paper/current use of APA in body of paper D. Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and tense in the document E. Correct citation of references using current APA format _______ 5. References (10%) The paper must have a minimum of six (6) references: at least four research articles and two from the popular press or other professional journals. Include one web citation. Wikipedia and dictionary sites are not accepted as a reference.References must be cited using current APA format All papers MUST include these three subheadings: 1.) Issue in the literature 2.) Critique of the issue in the Literature 3.) Position Each subheading should include the requirements listed above for that section. Subheadings can help to organize your paper and assure you do not leave anything out. Papers without the three subheadings dividing content will not be accepted. Assignment 3 Position paper will be on one of the faculty approved leadership topics listed. You must choose from one of the topics listed below: -Patient Safety -Patient-centered and family-centered care -Professionalism and civility in the workplace -Team efficiency -Competitive healthcare markets -Organizational change -Career development -Emotional intelligence -Diversity in the workplace -Workplace covenants

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