Student: Stanley

For this assignment, please include:

In an effort to get to know your classmates and reflect on your own experiences, you are required to create your “Employment Billboard.” This assignment allows you to tap into your creative abilities and design a digital montage, collage, or a melodic compilation of your job history, (if you have a limited job history incorporate your academic or athletic experiences). Please do not feel obligated to discuss every job you have worked for or feel compelled to divulge anything personal. The goal is for us to begin a career life planning journey and process our experiences. For this assignment, please include: First job Best/worst experience on the job Friendships Character/Values established If fired/promotion Things you learned about yourself/other Personal hobbies Hidden Talents What does work mean to me? (Examples: do my best, help others excel, got paid...etc.) The assignment also includes a brief presentation from your seat detailing your completed project.

Budget: $21.00

Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

Posted: about 1 year ago.

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