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Flash reviews are an informal review

Flash reviews are an informal review of an abbreviated or digested scientific article from an online source like (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.). The former site has fresh articles daily, and if you click on the appropriate section headers, slightly older articles can be accessed. The article must be about a subject related to class (microbiology, immunology, microbial diseases, antibiotics, new treatment for microbial disease, etc). Students should pick an article that they find interesting, and send me the link for approval. Once I give that, you can write the mini-review using the form provided below. Students should carefully review the article until they understand it and then answer the questions on the form thoroughly and completely. The review should be at least one typed page long (12 point font max), with references if necessary. You may only do one, and you can submit it for a maximum of 10 points extra credit. This will be graded like a short paper, so do a good job! Being able to do this is a valuable skill. Keep it light and concise; show me why you thought the article was interesting. Flash review points will be added as they are graded. Article title: Authors: Source (original publication and digest): Why did you pick this article: What was the primary finding and why is this important: Why was this research done: What future work or findings might come from this work:

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Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

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