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Financial Markets Summative Assignment

Financial Markets Summative Assignment Word count: Avoid any “copy-paste” practice to prevent possible problems of plagiarism. Presentation should be between 15 and 20 slides, and executive memory should be between 2,000 and 2,250 words, excluding references. Title: Follow a public traded stock and analyse the changes in stock price. Write a presentation and an executive memo of your findings. Choose one of the following companies: 1) Starbucks 2) Walt Disney 3) Nike 4) Estée Lauder 5) Las Vegas Sands 6) Marriott International 7) Yum China Holdings 8) Boeing 9) Apple In your presentation you should: 1) Describe graphically the trend of the stock prices during the last 4 months and, in more detail, during the las 3 weeks. 2) Explain the observed trends 3) Relate these trends to relevant contextual information (example: public health crisis in China) 4) Regarding this context, briefly forecast the changes in prices for the next month. In your executive memo you should: 1) Explain your findings based on the information contained in the presentation. The presentation of these findings must be clear and useful to inform decision making. 2) Make business recommendations based on these findings. Remember that “An executive memory is a short document that aims to inform management or decision makers about any issues in connection with the business (projects and project developments) that would need approval with the management.”


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