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Financial Economics Responses

Compose answers/explanations of minimum 10 sentences 

 Complete both

·  Robo-Investing is quickly becoming a popular investment style today. Should small investors beware of these types of money managers. Do you think you should know how it all works? 


·  Compare and contrast Hedge funds vs Venture Capitalist funds. What are the similarities and differences between them? Compare them on 

·  type of analysis: do they use quantitative, qualitative, maybe a blend? 

·  Type of instruments:  do they use equity, debt, derivatives, customized or something else

·  How do they earn returns for their investors/clients:  hedging, speculating, M+A, IPOs or something else

·  Anything else important to show similarity or difference between the 2 types of money managers

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Due on: May 06, 2020 00:00

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