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Final Project Option II Expanded Film Review with References.

Final Project Option II Expanded Film Review with References. Assignment: The review should be an original film review written for this class using references (APA style). The review should be 5-7 pages (double spaced), typed & edited.The review should have a title and should begin with the title, director, producer and year of the film. The review will be graded on 50 points. Instructions. Select a Film/video from the recommended list (See list). View the film. If you have already watched it, watch it again for this assignment. Take notes during the film so that your review can include details, character’s names, locations, events, and information to address the questions posed here. You may read reviews of the film (to make selection) but the main idea is to create your own review in the context of this class addressing class themes. If you do use a review, cite it. The papers will be submitted to Turnitin. In this expanded film review, I am expecting you to cite references, The references may be those included in the text or the class. A good approach is to cite materials relevant to the events and characters in the film. For example, if you reviewing Self Made, a current TV series on Walker, the first African American millionaire entrepreneur, you would cite articles about her. Compare the materials to the depictions in the video. Cite references properly and provide a reference section. As in film reviews generally introduce the characters, the setting, the issue/conflict/tension, character development. You may also want to address the quality of the film, its effectiveness, appeal, etc. Here are some questions you might want to address: Is the film about an actual person? Or about a actual event or time in history? Do we know this character/this story? Why not? Or is what we have been told an accurate accounting? From whose point of view was the story told. What is the effect on (different) audiences to hear this story? Did the director have a point (of view) in telling the story? Are some of the concepts we have covered help us to understand the film. For example, privilege, prejudice, discrimination, microaggression, ethnocentrism. Does Johnson explain anything about power relatons and the system to help us in our analysis. What does the film depict in terms of oppression and justice? Does the film suggest a path to dismantle oppression, or to personally overcome it? How might individuals from various groups/with different social identities receive the film. youtube link of the movie Write 5 To 7 Pages Review Based On The Movie Mississippi Burning

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