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Film Essay

Review the lecture about Writing About Movies, then pick a film that relates to current social issues. Write a paper (4-6 pages in length) describing both the technical aspects (acting, cinematography, etc.) as well as the implicit meaning and ethics of the film. Include works cited (not counted in the 4-6 pages) and a title page. MLA formatting is preferred. This will be due by 11:59 ON THE LAST DAY OF CLASS! I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE SUBMISSIONS ON THIS ASSIGNMENT - So, get it done as soon as possible. Have fun with it. I'm interested in your opinions and what you have learned in this class. Present ALL sides of an argument (if applicable) and not just a one-sided review. Show me that, although you have an opinion on these issues, you understand other perspectives as well. Please use your own words. I check for plagiarism and will fail you for it. Either quote the source directly (and include in Works Cited) or put the concept into your own words. Please speak with me if you have any questions about this.

Budget: $13.00

Due on: April 28, 2020 00:00

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