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This chapter answers the question, “What were the results of addressing this problem?” This chapter should detail the results of the research project’s intervention plan. If appropriate, it should include illustrative graphs and charts to give the reader an at-a-glance look at the measurable changes. The chapter should generally be twenty (20) to thirty (30) pages in length; The researcher should bear in mind what was expected, as outlined in the project proposal. Did the intervention plan yield the expected results? If not, what results were unexpected? Was this divergence a result of poor design or faulty implementation? The researcher should use tables and graphs to illustrate the change that occurred between the baseline and the collected data, highlighting any change that is directly traceable to the intervention plan. This is the only chapter that should have these illustrations. NO PLAGIARISM IMMEDIATE COMPLETION NEEDED. TOPIC: PASTORAL COUNSELING ON MENTAL HEALTH CHAPTER 4 ***ANALYZE THE DATA PROVIDED IN THE EXCEL SPREADSHEET.

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