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English 200

This is where you upload your 1) Drama Literary Essay (3-5 pages);your Works Cited page, as part of the essay itself and; 2) your Peer Review Comments. Please follow proper MLA formatting rules. If you do not submit all of these steps I will not grade your work. Please understand that I will not waver on this point. The assignment required you to: Review the course Canvas Pages links Re-read any materials on the reading list and in the module. Submit your draft of your Drama Essay to a peer for review. Make the correction suggested by your peer. Then submit the final (3rd draft) to me. Compare and contrast 3 of the following literary device categories: Characters ( Protagonist, Antagonist),Theme, Exposition, Rising Action, Plot Structure (i.e. the paradigm-Plot Point One, Plot Point Two, etc.)Symbolism, Climax, Peripeteia/Reversal of Fortune, Moment of Recognition and Denouement. Select two (2) plays from the seven (7) listed on the Drama Reading List to use as source material for your essays. Use at least seven external sources for in text citations. Upload your second draft (title it properly), your Peer Comments ( title it properly), and your 3rd draft (title it final draft).NO PLAGIARISM THESE ARE THE TWO DRAMA PLAY YOU WILL WRITE ABOUT. OEDIPUS THE KING BY SOPHOCHES.AND THE PROPOSAL (MARRIAGE PROPOSAL BY ANTON CHEKHOU).

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Due on: April 28, 2020 00:00

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