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Engineering Report

Instructions Assignments are to be done individually. If you write calculations by hand, make sure they are legible and neat. Assignments are to be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday the 1 of May. Late assignments will be penalized by 10% per day late (the day starts at 5pm). You are to write a consulting report of no more than three pages in length for the body (Executive Summary to Conclusion), plus all calculations in appendices (which can be as many pages as you need). You do not need a title page for the consulting report; you do not need the standard submission page and declaration, as these are part of the Turnitin submission process. Scenario A consortium has approached the State Government about harnessing ocean power in the straight between Cape Jervis and Kangaroo Island. The Government has asked the company you work for to act as an independent advisor and provide initial assessment to the possibility of harnessing ocean power in that area. Your Task You have been asked to analyse ocean power potential and capability in the general area in question. It is expected that you will: Provide an analysis of power generation capability Provide an indication of work required for installation Justify any assumptions you make. Report information Remember that you are writing a consulting report for the State Government. This report may be read by technical experts, as well as other staff within the Government. You should have the following sections in the report: Executive Summary Introduction Methodology Discussion Recommendations Conclusion Appendices Only the first three pages of the report body will be read. I will read and check the appendices.

Budget: $25.00

Due on: April 26, 2020 00:00

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