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Discussion for Chapter 12

I think this discussion should help give you some ideas for the paper that will be due next week. What I'd like you to do in this discussion is compare the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis to the events currently happening. Obviously the cause is different, but how do the effects differ, and what is the implication of that (for instance, when travel and social-distancing restrictions lift, will the recovery go as slowly as the recovery from the Great Recession or will it go faster). In essence, I want you to compare and contrast the economic situation today (and what you think will happen in the future) to the situation from 2007-2009, and support/explain your ideas--try to convince someone who might not agree with your point of view! Writing Requirements In addition to one initial post, respond to at least two peers. Initial Post Length: minimum of 200 words Secondary Post Length: minimum of 150 words per post Use APA format for in-text citations and list of references.

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Due on: April 24, 2020 00:00

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