Student: Stanley

Discussion #8 (assignment)

For this discussion you will need to read:

"I Have a Dream" (page 658) 

If you do not have a textbook you may find the readings here by clicking on the links:

“I Have a Dream” (Links to an external site.)

Take notes as you read.   For the original response discuss how Dr. King's speech is still relevant today.  Your response should be a developed paragraph in length have a strong topic sentence and be organized.  Include at least one short quote as evidence in your response.  Work to include other examples as evidence in the response.

Next, you need to come back and read several of the postings and reply to three.  Your replies should be at least four sentences in length and include evidence from the readings. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Teamwork—to include the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal
  • Write in a style that clearly communicates meaning, builds credibility, and inspires belief or action.
  • Apply the conventions of style manuals for specific academic disciplines (e. g., APA, CMS, MLA, etc.

Budget: $10.00

Due on: May 05, 2020 00:00

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