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Discussion 1 and 2. Questions in the attachment.

Unit 2: Discussion 1 Directions: Turn to page 78-79 at the end of Chapter 2. Problems 3.3-3.7 offer you a series of sentences that can be revised to improve goodwill. Choose two sentences from each set (you will revise 10 sentences total - 2 from each problem set) and revise the sentences to improve goodwill. Please type out the original sentence, followed by the revised sentence, along with the problem set and number. For example: Problem 3.3 1. You will lose the account if you make a mistake and the customer is dissatisfied. Revision: You will keep the account and satisfy customers if you do things correctly. Unit 2: Discussion 2 Directions: Review the scenario in problem 9.5 on Pg. 276 of your textbook. Choose 1 of the 3 messages to evaluate in a 250-word post. Use the checklist for positive messages on pg. 273 to help you evaluate the message. What do you think the writer has done well? What could be improved and how? Make sure to refer to and/or cite specific language from the message you are evaluating to help support the points you make about it.


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