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Develop a complete e-commerce business proposal

Develop a complete e-commerce business proposal including the following sections. Upload the E-Commerce Proposal in Word or PDF here. Vision and Mission Business Model Revenue Model: Which revenue model does your e-commerce project this quarter use? Target Audience: Describe the target market for your e-commerce project. Include at least: demographics (age, income, gender, and location), behavior patterns (lifestyle), current consumption patterns (online vs. offline purchasing), digital usage patterns Persona Market Analysis: Analyze the structure of your e-commerce project's market in terms of your direct competitors, suppliers, and substitute products. Make a list of the top five to ten competitors and describe their market share, and distinguishing characteristics. How many unique monthly visitors do they have? How many Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and/or Pinterest followers? SWOT Analysis of your e-commerce project.

Budget: $10.00

Due on: January 11, 2020 00:00

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