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Criminal Trial Notebook

PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS IN IT'S ENTIRELY TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING AND HAVE A BACKGROUND IN LAW BEFORE MESSAGING ME. This is for my class Criminal Trial Preparation We are working on a trial notebook. We begin with the commission of a crime and continue through the final resolution of the case. Topics will include crime scene investigation, police investigative practices, the determination of charges, bail, plea-bargaining, motion practice, witness preparation, suppression hearings, the trial itself and sentencing. The professor provides us a series of assignments and we have to do each assignment to include in the trial notebook. I have the 7th & 8th assignment that I need done. I will also upload the previous 6 assignments so you can see what the case is about and what the previous questions were in order to help with the 7th & 8th question. Please only take on this task if you can do it (2 pages) CTP Assignment # 6.pdf (THE 7th & 8th TH ASSIGNMENT THAT I NEED DONE) All the other assignments are to help with the 6th

CTPASSIGNMENTS7and8.pdf CTPAssignment6.pdf CTPAssignment5.pdf CTPAssignment4.pdf CTP-Assignment3.pdf CTPAssignment2.pdf

Budget: $10.00

Due on: March 28, 2020 00:00

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