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Create the “shell” of your synthesis paper in APA format

Create the “shell” of your synthesis paper in APA format. Create your title page with proper running head, title/author section and page numbers, as well as add the Abstract section heading starting on page 2, and then the main essay sections start on page 3. The main essay section should start with the introduction heading which is the title of the paper again on page 3 (centered on line 1, not bold), followed by the level one subheadings (bold and centered): Literature Review, Discussion, Conclusion. Then heading for References starting on following page (line 1 – not bolded), and heading for Annotated Bibliography on the following page after References (line 1 – not bolded). You are not actually writing any of the essay this week, so no text is needed, but you will be setting up a document where you can add your text in future modules.


Heart Diseases

Jadiam Lopez

Aspen University








Professor  Heidi Haldman

May 01, 2020








Causes and effects of heart disease

The chosen topic for my proposal is the causes and effects of heart diseases. Heart diseases describe a range of conditions that affect the heart. Heart diseases include blood vessel disorders such as heart rhythm problems, congenital heart defects, and coronary artery diseases (Treasure, 2017). Heart disease is a condition that results in the death of a segment of heart muscles, narrowing or blockage of blood flow to the heart to get oxygen leading to heart attack, stroke, and chest pain. Various lifestyles, such as unhealthy diet, smoking, lack of exercise, and overweight, are the leading causes of heart attacks.  The buildup of fatty plaques in the arteries stiffens the artery wall that inhibits blood flow through the arteries to the body organs and tissues.  More than a million Americans have heart attacks or myocardial infarctions (MI) each year (Coles & Mensah, 2017).

After studying heart diseases in one of the modules, I was fascinated by the subject and eager to learn about it. Heart disease is a prevalent disease in most healthcare facilities, recording a high number of patients in the United States. The reason why I have chosen this topic is to boost my research knowledge and understanding as well as help find ways that can reduce the development of heart diseases in our population. As a healthcare practitioner, gaining solid knowledge and understanding of heart diseases will enhance my capacity to becoming a professional doctor. The research area is essential in providing accurate data that is reliable in the medical field to tackle the problems associated with heart diseases as well as increasing knowledge in the pool of literature.




Coles, E., & Mensah, G. (2017). The Burden of Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases in the United States, 1990 to 2016: Perspectives from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Global Heart12(4), 349.

Treasure, T. (2017). The Heart Club: How Cyanotic Heart Disease Was Reframed. Diseases5(4), 22.



Part 2

Research outline invention Strategy

Title: Causes and Effects of heart diseases

Thesis: heart disease is responsible for most deaths worldwide occurring to both males and females of all races. The annual incidence of heart attacks is continuing to increase sharply in the US, where after every 40 seconds, an American develop a heart attack. Heart disease is likely to increase at high folds due to the poor diet, change in lifestyles, and high rates of obesity, which will, in turn, result in high cardiovascular deaths in the US.

  1. Preliminaries
  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  1. The body or Main text
  1. Introduction/context of the background problem-  History of heart diseases or cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the US, trends in heart diseases development across the ages of the population,  causes and effects of the heart diseases in the male and female patient, risks associated with heart diseases and effectiveness of the treatment methods adopted for treating cardiovascular patients.
  2. Statement of the problem- the capacity of the healthcare to provide quality services to CVD patients, factors leading to increased heart disease, the efficiency of treatment methods and types of diet and lifestyles accelerating heart disease problems.
  3. The objective of the study
  4. To determine the causes of heart diseases in the US population, to determine the effects of heart diseases in male and female patients, to determine the effective method of treatment for Heart disease patients.
  5. Research questions- what are the leading causes of heart diseases in the US? What are the effects of heart diseases in both male and female patients? Which treatment methods are effective in treating heart disease patients?  
  6. Justification of the study
  1. Methodology-  Research design, population size, sampling technique, research instruments, data collection, units of analysis, and ethical considerations.
  2. Results and discussions
  3. Summary of the findings
  4. Conclusion
  5. References
  6. Appendices



Justification of Invention Strategy


Invention strategies refer to the process of identifying what to put down in the paper. Starting an article is not an easy task, and on many occasions, writers find themselves in a crossroads on where to start and what point to write. Many people view prewriting as a waste of time. However, spending a few minutes drafting ideas relating to the topic provides more feasible ideas and quality information that matches the topic of the research. Invention strategies or prewriting help in beginning a paper through availing ideas to the writer, which makes it easy for the paper to develop a good flow of thoughts. Through drafting, numerous ideas sprout in a no-pressure environment, which enables more point generation, thus producing a perfect research paper. According to Behrens et al.  (2012), invention strategies such as listings, directed freewriting, outlining, clustering, and branching are essential steps for brainstorming on the chosen topic.

      The Invention strategy that I have chosen in planning my research is the outline. Outline as an invention strategy is a more structured version of the listing technique. Outline will direct the writing of the paper by showing what the thesis of the paper will be, the main ideas of the body text, and evidence in each paragraph to substantiate the main statements. The reason why I have chosen the Outline writing technique is the ease of use. Besides, outline provides the ability to set the ideas in hierarchical order with main points broken into subordinate points. The breaking of the main points enables the writer to see the flow of the facts of the topic and the paper format. The categorization of the main issues is vital in helping organize paragraphs in a logical order that makes sense and making sure that the paragraphs generated are fully developed to prevent inconsistency of the information. Essentially, the outline will help avoid getting stuck in some areas when writing the actual paper, thus saving time and energy. 

Outline invention strategy as a prewriting tool has enabled me to explore the areas that I will cover in my research. Outlining the main areas of the topic has allowed me to think more concretely about heart diseases. Through outlining the main areas of the study, I have been able to develop clear reasoning, brainstorm about the topic, organize thoughts, and better understand the participants and rhetorical situation. Based on the benefits that I have gained through the outlining technique, I think the Outlining invention strategy has helped to flow my thoughts about the topic, making it easier for me to conduct my research. The outline is the best option when looking forward to producing a perfect paper, and therefore, I would use it again and again in future studies. 




Behrens, L. Rosen, L. J. (2012). A sequence for academic writing (5th Ed.). Boston, MA:            Pearson




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