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Correlation Vs Causality In Regression Analysis

1) Use excel CH6Prob111213. Assume the data-generating process can be written: Webvisitsi= a + B1YahooViewsi + B2TvViewsi + Ui. Test the hypothesis that YahooViews has no impact on WebVists, using a confidence lever of 95%. Explain your reasoning. 2) Use excel Ch6Prob14. The excel contains information on customers' ratings of your product (CustRate), on a scale of 1 to 100, along with demographic information. The demographic information includes: income (Inc), age (Age), education (Educ), and marital status (Marr). The last variable equals one if the respondent is married and zero otherwise. Assume the date-generating process can be weitten as: CustRatei = a + B1Inc1 + B2Agei + B3Educi + B4Marri + Ui. Test the hypothesis that income has no impact on customer rating, using a confidence level of 95%. Explain your reasoning.

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