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Conflict management and Complexity and challenges of leadership part of the project

Names and ID: Mona Mohamed H00328725 Asma Othman H00272714 Shouq Ahmed H00354281 Dr.Haya Al Shawwa ENT – 3103 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………3 Nature of management…………………………………………………………………………..4 Staff or employees in the Company……………………………………………………………..5 Traits of Entrepreneurs and leaders……………………………………………………………6 Motivation in workplace…………………………………………………………………………7 Conflict management…………………………………………………………………………….8 Ethical climate……………………………………………………………………………………9 Social Responsibility……………………………………………………………………………10 Organizational culture …………………………………………………………………………11 Complexity and challenges of leadership……………………………………………………...12 Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………………...12 Introduction: Based on our course Leadership for Entrepreneurship, we choose a small local business so we contact the owner for doing an interview for our project. This project is discussing about the nature management, leadership and entrepreneurship .to conclude we will provide a list of recommendations to improve in Sushi Box. Mr Hamad is the founder of Sushi box it was opened on August 2016 in khorfakkan and recently this year he opened in Zwaya Walk – Sharjah, it specialized In Japanese food such as different kinds of sushi, Crab salads, shrimps and more. Mr. Hamad is leading 10 employees in two branches, he guides his team, and always he likes to share with them his experience and consult them with many situations Nature of management: It can be defined as all the activities that were undertaken for purpose to achieve the goal of the company such as; planning, organizing, leading and the primary responsibility of any leader is to solve the problems that could happen, leading and encouraging employees to achieve the best business goals. Mr. Hamad play a huge part in enhancing employee’s performances to increase productivity, he tries always his best to set goals and standards, gives feedbacks if there are anything that need to change. As the business owner he’s responsibility is to maintain the successful of the business but in order to achieve that he must do many tasks such as; hire and manage the stuff, oversees the financial states, maintain a healthy work environment and developed and fine tune the business according to the market situation. we see that the leadership style of Mr. Hamad he is coaching because he is very effective in setting performance that need improvement and providing encouragement and inspiration to motivate the employees also, he is a supporting leader he tries to give them efforts when they are accomplishing their tasks. Besides he strongly ready in helping the lower level employees and when an employee has a personal problem, he is immediately tries to solve them. Mr. Hamad is always close to his employees by having strong social relationship with them and he always aware them what is happening in the company. Moreover, he provides them with the mission and vision he also focusing in empowering the employees by giving them the right to make decision and the freedom to handle the difficult situation Mr. Hamad share his work experience and skills with his team because this enables them to develop, learn new skills and motivate them to be more creative in their job. According to the Manager Salman who are responsible to manage the three branches of Sushi Box he ensure to guide the employees and make sure they are accomplishing their tasks on time, maintaining the quality of foods and services because he said the owner Mr.Hamad are focusing in the quality also he analyzing and resolving the quality and customers services problems and he ensures about the safety for employees and customers , legal work environment by giving them instructions and rules of works. Our Recommendation: We recommend Mr. Hamad to take some risks because sometimes it’s necessary for the leader to think out of the box and be innovative and have long term view in everything inside and outside the company for example he should bring new ideas to the business because this will grab customers attention and they will not feel boring. He must be more flexible with the employees and know when it’s the time to implement a new policy. Also, we recommend him to check his attitudes because the effective leadership controlling his and others personal actions. According to path goal theory he should ensure the availability to rewards his followers and help them to find the best way to achieve their goals and provide the emotional support when its needed for example every month there should be a reward for the best employee and the reward can be increasing his salary, give him one day holiday and this will help the employees to increase the quality of their job, lower negative effects such as absents and stress. Staff or employees in the Company: Every business owner’s employees because they able to get the job done on time, and they are the part of overall business success, and he need to understand how performance of the most important in employee performance is achieving the goals by meeting the deadline and build the brand name through positive customer interaction. Daisy the casher in sushi box she said that she must communicate effectively with the boss and customers because this help her and be able to work in any environment and when it comes to any difficult situation she can handle it for example one time there is a customer ordered sushi and he comes back after one hour to make complained about the food she said that he conflict her because he doesn’t like the food and it was his first time to taste it so she said to him that they are very sorry and he can order anything else with the same price so then he calm down. According to the owner he said that they have two types of the employee’s kitchen staff: they must be experience in cooking, team work spirit, Deci plant and committed to work ethics second is waiters: they should have good communication skills, customer orientated, ability to fast learning, and they must have experience before. Our recommendation: We recommend Mr. Hamad to hire more females because there is some people don’t feel comfortable when communicating with males , and we saw that most of the employees are from Philippines so we think that the best for him to hire employees from different nationalities with different cultures to share different of ideas and increasing innovation , also they will learn from each other’s new skills , also we recommend him that they should have specific dress code , and the chefs need to covering their heads while they are cooking . and they also should have fingerprint to show which time they are coming and when they leave. Traits of Entrepreneurs and leaders: Entrepreneurship is the forms of the business its bring innovative ideas into company and it may new products and services that drive towards development and progress also taking advantages of the opportunities the right entrepreneur and leader know the right time to catch the right opportunities and knows how to be managing the dynamic organizational environment. Mr Hamad has a clear vision in his business and exactly where he wants to go and how to reach the goal on the time, he never hides any information to his employees and communicate with them about the vision to make it a reality. Mr hamad as a leader the most important quality to him is being honesty with his self and others because the leader who are having this value can win his employees trust and they respect him more. Also, he said that he always tries to motivate his employees simply because it allows him as a leader to meet and exceed the company goals and without motivation workface the company will be in precarious position he always tell them that they are able to accomplish the works, let them say what they want without being shy, this will benefit the work by increasing the quality, reducing turn over there will be no need to replace the workers if they are motivated enough. Our recommendation: We recommend Mr. Hamad to have more knowledge in his business so then he can knows what he need to succeed and he should believe that he can reach the success then he will find himself through different obstacles , we recommend him to discuss more with his employees to share new ideas with them and take of their opinions , and if there is any problem he can tell them so they can find great solution to the company . Entrepreneur should manage his energy to let him can do what he wants with his time. Also, we recommend him to think of adding new items to the menu this will help to attract more customers and increase more from services with smart services like doing an application that has driven thru people can order while they are coming to the restaurant. Motivation in workplace: In terms of motivating employees in the workplace, we interviewed two of the employees that work in the restaurant, Daisy and Salman. They both agreed that they are always motivated by their leader Mr. Hamad, and they said that he always supervises the work himself and visits the restaurant three to four times a week. As they said, he is close to all the employees and shows them a genuine appreciation for hard work or personal achievements also they mentioned that his way of showing appreciation to the smallest things that they do is a great way to motivate them because it shows that the work they’re doing matters. Moreover, he’s focusing on making his employees satisfied and motivated to work by making a place to unwind. A table and some comfortable chairs in a private room that is available for the employees only. As an additional portion, he insists that his employees have to take a break between their shifts to give them more energy that they need to achieve more. Salman said that what makes him motivated the most is the paid day for the best employee in this month. However, we asked them to compare their current and old leaders that they worked with in the past and Daisy said Mr. Hamad is the best boss that she ever worked with because none of her old leader was close to them and never motivated them in the way that he does. On the other hand, after interviewing them two employees, we asked Mr. Hamad some questions about motivating them. He said that he gives out the employee perks regardless of his position. From the cashier to the dishwasher, he gives them the same perks across the board. Our recommendation: We do agree with the motivation methods that Mr. Hamad used. He provides valued rewards to his employees and helps them to improve their skills by giving them the support that they need. Also, he tries to deal with the staff as friends in the work environment and make a regular meeting with them to listen to what they have and that affects the productivity within the team in a positive way. The only thing that we think it’s wrong is giving employees long break times, they might get used to it and take advantage of that by taking a recurrent break this may result in negligence in their work. Conflict management: Handling customer complaints is the most problem faced that employees have to deal with. Daisy told us about a situation where the customer was so moody and angry while ordering his food, she said that he didn't know the meaning of some menu items because it's his first time trying a sushi restaurant. After being patient with him and give him a brief explanation of many dishes he finally decided to choose one of the sushi plates. After trying his order, he returned very angrily because of the bad taste of the food as he said. Daisy tried to calm him down and apologized to him and offered him to choose any other dish for free, but he refused, and the reason was he hates seafood in general and does not even know how it tastes! On the other hand, Mr. Hamad said that they had time when one of the staff resigned for personal reasons and they went into a shortage of staff, because of that he tried to cover the shortage by rescheduling the staff working hours. At that time, employees were under high levels of stress and one of them refused to work for extra hours even though they will be paid for it. He didn’t know how to deal with this problem and the only solution that he came to was closing the online orders and delivery to a couple of days to ease the pressure on the employees until he finds new workers. Moreover, while asking Mr. Hamad about how he manages the conflicts he told us about a conflict that occurred in his first months after the opening. A member of the sales team was late to input sales figures, then the accountant was late in submitting reports as well because of him and that led to a conflict between the two. They turned to Mr. Hamad to solve the problem. He solved the problem by clarifying roles and responsibilities while ensuring that each employee is responsible for their tasks to be done on time. Our recommendation: The way Daisy was dealing with the angry customer was right, she recognizes the problem and understands that he didn't try sushi before and showed that she has the skills to deal with this kind of situation. She treated him with respect and apologized to him even when she wasn’t wrong. However, the problem of shortage of staff was dealt with collaboration as states in Thomas Kenneth approaches by building teamwork, Mr. Hamad tried to satisfy everyone’s concerns by being cooperative and assertive. He could hire part-time staff instead of closing online deliveries. For the conflict that occurred between the two employees, he can use the compromise approach by being moderately assertive, so the problem is not repeated in the future. And that will result in achieving a temporary settlement of the issue. By managing conflicts in the right way, it will result in improving productivity and will get effective team communication. As well as increasing mutual respect and in the team's sense of security. Ethical climate: While interviewing Mr. Hamad he said that having passion is the reason for opening his business because he has a passion to serve the community and provide unique services that cover needs in the community we live in. Mr. Hamad is visiting the Sharjah branch from 3 to 4 times a week and make sure to supervises and follow up with the work in the restaurant. His focusing on building trust between him and his employee because it will help him to achieve his goals in a better way. Having a good ethical climate is important in the impact of the behavior, motivation, and effectiveness of the workforce. Caring about employees and supporting them support the mission of sustainable development. Basically, the ethical climate has a positive and can increase morale and productivity. The two employees that we interviewed mentioned that Mr. Hamad is always giving his employees more power over their work and that a good way to improve the ethical climate in the restaurant. As well as giving trust in them to make the right decision. Empowerment can produce good results from employees, such as making them more creative. Also, he keeps their autonomy over their work and that makes them be more innovative. Mr. Hamad assigned a manager in the branch, so the other employees can report any wrong values in the workplace to reduce it. In addition, he takes their feedback frequently by taking surveys that include some questions about ethics. They can rate how co-workers committing acts perceived as unethical, like not being honest or stealing. They can report any ethical violations as well. Moreover, as he said keeping the pulse on the ethical climate is important. He’s doing that by interact with staff and observe the ethical climate himself. Our recommendation: His way of providing ethical climate is right and we encourage what he’s doing. He should measure the ethical performance and effectiveness of his ethics program. However, there must be strict rules for employees to follow such as reporting any suspected fraud and violation of restaurant policies in ethical behavior. Avoiding conflict and having good communication with staff will build strong ethics at work. Social Responsibility: Social responsibility means that businesses that act in a manner that benefits society. Social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment. They serve the health of customers by producing low-calorie sushi. Fresh and pickled vegetables serve up vitamins A, C, and E, while the seaweed wrap provides minerals like iodine, zinc, and calcium. For an extra dose of fiber, swap out the white rice for brown. And they care about restaurant safety. The leadership of Sushi Box trained his employees in restaurant safety procedures. MR. Hamad customized his training to processes used in a restaurant kitchen and consider encouraging his employees to acquire SERV Safe certification from the National Restaurant Association. This restaurant safety training program teaches his employees basic food safety and sanitation practices, including handling allergens and preventing cross-contamination. Also, they are using equipment properly. All pieces of equipment should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. On the other hand, they are using a plastic bag that decomposes to substances harmful to the environment. Our recommendation for: Workplace: Support the employees to learn and develop their skills. That happens by (Lead by Example). That means the leader must be an employer who actively seeks out discovering his self. For instance, he could take the time to ask his employees questions and learn about processes within his company that might not be thoroughly familiar with. He could also make it a point to attend training seminars and then report back to his workforce with what he learned and how it can help his business. Regardless of how he obtains new information, modeling curiosity and learnability can simultaneously influence and improve his employees' ability to learn. Marketplace: He should make sure to maintain reliable and regular communication with each of your suppliers to create a healthy and sincere relationship. Keep them regularly informed and up to date on his strategy and plans so that they know where they fit in and how they can help, plan for, and benefit from those plans. Make them his partner. If he appreciates their work, let them know. If something’s not working for him, let them know. A stronger, deeper relationship with clear and frequent communication allows this communication to become more organic. Community: Leave a small percentage of profits to donate to emerging countries. People who don't have money to buy food. For example, cutting 5 percent of profit would not cause an employer to lose, but this small percentage makes a big difference for the poor. He can also donate several meals as fasting fast during Ramadan. There are a lot of Muslim peas that do not have to buy breakfast. Environment: Plastic bags used in the market are harmful to the environment. That is because they rapidly degrade and produce toxic substances that pollute the environment. Therefore, our proposal to reduce this problem is to work to modify the plastic bags. Industry to be thicker, which helps to use more than once working on the production of biodegradable bags faster by mixing plastic with materials working on it and represent a lower risk, which drives the search process in the direction of Create organic bags. Cloth shopping bags made from tree branches should be encouraged to use them as they are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Organizational culture: Organizational culture refers to beliefs and values that have existed organization for a long time, and to the ideas of the employees and the expected value of their work that will influence their attitudes and behavior. MR. Hamad Alhammadi making his employees feel like they belong. That improves communication, collaboration, and alignment, which ultimately boosts company revenue. The employees in Sushi Box feel included and in the loop on important decisions are motivated to be more engaged and do their best work. And that is contributing to employee happiness and foster a culture of trust and inclusion. MR. Hamad Alhammadi gives all levels of workers the freedom to make a decision. He never minds about social interaction between high and low position employees. Furthermore, he strongly disagrees that people in inferior positions should not disagree with the decision by people in a top area, this means he has no difference between his employees. MR. Hamad is continuously motivating, guiding, and value employees that are increasing their self-esteem and satisfaction, which encourage them to develop their performance and to be more innovative in the workplace as well as knowing that their hard work is noticed and appreciated. He makes sure that his employees understand and believe that they will do the task; ideally, this will increase the success of the employees. Our recommendation: MR. Hamad should focus more on different ways of communication to create a friendly environment. Such as making a weekly meeting with all staff to know employees' opinions are significant. Also, to have effective communication so that every employee has the chance to give their personal views and to be more innovative also it will help in raising the restaurant brand name. The meeting must be informal so that the workers feel comfortable in sharing and introducing their ideas. In addition, he can also create an application for his own restaurant and there should be a corner for employees as well like a discussion forum to communicate easily any time, it will be very useful when the owner Mr. Hamad is not physically in the restaurant, for example if there is an urgent or a problem happened they will use this app to talk to him formally and even faster because it will be open for 24 hours, in this application customers also can communicate with employees, they can order online or add comments about their opinion. They should also have strict guidelines in the kitchen such as, sanitizing coffee machines and other tools right after using it, they should also come to work on time every morning and have a fingerprint to show how many hours they have been working. Complexity and challenges of leadership: He faces many challenged in the first brunch in Khor Fakkan. Firstly, he had a lacking budget to open the Sushi Box restaurant, so he asked his brother to give him a loan, and he returns to them from the profit. When he succeeded in the first brunch opened the second brunch in Zawaya walk by himself. Also, MR. Hamad faced a challenge in finding employees and teach them how they should work. And he interfaces in dismissing the loyal and beloved employees of the company despite their poor job performance in the company. That stems from his passion for employees. Hiring the right employee is challenge to him, he had a time when one lady staff resigned for personal reasons and he went in shortage of staff to serve the customers. Our recommendation: The best way to manage complexity in work is to be flexible leadership. He should be able to listen to many different opinions and discuss them about those opinions. MR. Hamad Alhammadi has a lack of skills in choosing the employees. So, we recommend selecting the employees with the experience. And make a test of their abilities. Also, he should make a training program to improve their skills. And be more assertive and rationale about the dismissal of low performing employees, as this adversely affects the organization's revenue. And we recommend him to solve shortage in staff by to cover this shortage by rescheduling the staff working hours and off day and hiring a part time staff in the busy days. Conclusion: We think that Mr. Hamad are using the correct leadership style with them because he always try to support he’s employees , encourages them to finish their works on time , and he listen to them whenever they need anything , and they not feel shay when they talk to him , they always likes to share their idea and opinions with him , he teach them how to face any problem or challenges without any fears he gives them instructions and rules in workplace , they are flexible and adaptive . and we think the qualities that are used with the owner are the affective because he has self-confidante and try his best to be risk taker and he know the right time to catch the good opportunities for the business. For motivating, he motivated his employees in the right way and they didn’t complain at all on this point. Moreover, he should be stricter with employees when there is a conflict between them and try to solve the problem and make them responsible for their mistakes. He’s keeping a strong ethical climate in his restaurant and we think that he should stay close to his staff as he is always. Also, he cares of restaurant safety by using safety tools and making safety procedures training for all staff. And he gives all levels of workers the freedom to make a decision. Beside, he faces many challenge such as, finding experiencing employees, so we recommend him to hire a part time staff when he faces any shortage. • How many employees are working for you? total of 5 employees • How did you get your idea or concept for the business? • CLEAR is a reflection by transparency, manifest and understood, our product is new in the market, and it follows the international fashion style that suits every lady, • A bag represents you, bags are women priority, and its something women can't go outside without, our bags differ by other bags is that its clear, which is the new form of fashion style, we also made customization on bags so it is a remarkable tool that can lead to higher profit through increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, although it brings for our small factory a lot of work, the good work pays off, we entered these industry because there are no locals designer in it and we started in2016 and hope to reach a global position. • What do you look for in an employee? (the most important things) - helping customers on their choice -stylist - team work spirit - deciplant & committed to work ethics - Good Communication skills - Ability to manage the conflict - Is the company socially responsible? Yes , we try our best to make some of sell go for the charity and especially to help poor people get new clothes , we donate 5% yearly in our total sales . • What made you choose your current location? Main criterias for selecting current location : 1- Close to the residence areas , meliha road, near the university of Sharjah 2- Easy access to the visiting customers 3- Its in a big avenue that has many designers and clothing brands 4- Easy to pick up from the shop 5- Serve a big segmentation • What are your responsibilities as a business owner? the main responsibility of the Business owner is to maintain the successful of the business, but in order to achieve this have to do so many tasks like: 1- Hire and manage the staff 2- Oversees the financial status , weekly and monthly . 3- Create marketing plans of how the business will be in a year 4- Update the website and chick the system 5- Rent fees 6- Make sure how customers are satisfied by the product 7- Make sure about product quality and chick up 8- Maintain a healthy work environment 9- Develop and fine tune the business according to the market situation • How do you motivate your employees? We follow different methods for motivations 1- Personal appreciation for individuals for hard work or personal achievements 2- Kind words 3- Flexible working hours 4- Daily bonus if achieved the daily sales targets 5- Giving the new collection bags as a gift before dropping it to the market , it makes them feel appreciated and special • Can you give me an example of any challenges or problems that you faced with your shop and employees? Hiring the right employee is always challenge, last Ramadan we had a huge unread massage for eid orders as well, our customer started to get angry and write under the inestgram comments that there was no respond for online shopping , we struggled and had a shortage in employee and we couldn’t find a new employee that time . another problem faced us was about timing in the shop also during Ramadan hours , the shop open from 10 am to 10 pm , which had many customers complain and require us to open until 12 am . the most common problem we faced was in the delivery fees and the time each order takes , we solve this problem by choosing DHL fast and cheap service plus we made the delivery only in 2 working days. as a clear team , we tried our best and solved all the probloms because customer service mangment is important to us . • How do you manage diversity in the employee’s culture? In our regular meeting with the staff we always focus on the importance of the team work and how it affects the productivity within the team. we share our common goals through teamwork -we assure that our passion will help us to achieve our success We try to deal as a friends in the work environment that everyone is helping the other and this will lead them to achieve better customer satisfaction and better results, our small team is working in the best condition and they have good relationship with each other , clear team is blessed and hope thing don’t change when our family get bigger .

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