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Storage administrators often need to communicate architecture plans to management in order to receive scheduling, funding or other resource approval. By being able to communicate your plans to management, you will greatly increase the chance that you'll receive support from your management and staff. Prompt For this assessment, you will need to create an 8-15 slide presentation on your storage solution from the Week 4 Assignment to present to the IT Manager for approval. Slides should have an IT or business oriented professional theme with a cover page and APA reference slide at the end. A minimum of two APA references are required for the presentation. • Discuss how your storage solution provides simultaneous access for users and applications • Discuss how your storage solution provides access control and data security • Discuss how your storage solution can be expanded should there be a future need for more storage • Discuss how your storage solution presents high availability to the system • Present a notional time frame for the project execution


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Due on: February 27, 2020 00:00

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