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Capstone Project – Case Study: L Brands

Capstone Project – Case Study: L Brands BMGT 2010 DUE: APRIL 24, 2020 Retail conglomerate, L Brands, recently announced the sale of its largest retailer, Victoria’s Secret. Additionally, CEO and Founder of the Columbus, Ohio based company, Les Wexner, stepped down from his post after 57 years with the business. Only a few retailers remain under the L Brands company, which has been criticized for its part in the downfall of the American mall. In addition, its most lucrative brand Victoria’s Secret received backlash for its inability to evolve with modern America. For this assignment, imagine you have been hired by L Brands as a Management Consultant to help address organizational culture, company management and brand image following the sale of Victoria’s Secret. How would you advise the company to move forward and what recommendations would you provide? In 4-5 double-spaced pages, provide a report to the company with your recommendations to move the company forward. You will research a minimum of 5-7 sources to provide a brief background of the company (this should be no longer than ½ a page), identify at least two issues the company faces with each of the following; organizational culture, company management, and brand image. Also include with each area how you would address or correct these issues based on the management topics we’ve covered in this class. Additionally, describe the management qualities the next L Brands CEO should possess in order to implement your recommendations, and why those qualities are important to the company’s success. Be sure to cite all of your sources and include a reference page as a final page in the report. Further, incorporate terms and concepts from the textbook to explain your ideas. For example, you may describe the organizational culture as those discussed in Chapter 3. Or you may discuss an ethical system from Chapter 4. (These are only a few examples, there are several terms and concepts that apply to this scenario). To help organize your report, please use the following outline: • Name, Date, Course and Assignment • Brief Background of the L Brands Company (no longer than ½ page) • Organizational Culture – identify two problems/issues and how you would address the issues • Company Management – identify two problems/issues and how you would address the issues • Brand Image – identify two problems/issues and how you would address the issues • L Brands CEO – provide recommendations for the qualities or management style the company should seek for its next CEO, and explain why those qualities will be important to the success of the company. • Conclusion • References – APA style. This should be your final page and not counted toward the 4-5 page written portion.

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