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Basic IBM SPSS Analyses

In this first assignment, you will use the data from the grades.sav file that you downloaded in Unit 1. Using this data, perform a univariate analysis of your choice on the variables provided. Your analysis may be a t test, an ANOVA, a correlation, a linear or multiple regression, or a non parametric method. For example, you may want to use gender as an independent variable, and quiz one scores as a dependent variable and perform an independent samples t test. Or, as another example, we might have ethnicity as our independent variable, and run a one way ANOVA with GPA as the dependent measure. Be creative, but be sure your variables are correct for the analysis you are doing. Read the Basic IBM SPSS Analysis Scoring Guide to see the details of what should be in the assignment. This represents the rubric for substance and form of the work. The organization of the paper, including what goes in each section, is given in the link for Data Analysis Formatting Guidelines. Click on this link and follow the Section items to give clarity and organization to your assignment. You must include an introduction and rationale for your analysis, your null and alternative hypotheses, your alpha level, descriptive statistics, output tables, and conclusions about the null. All tables and graphs must be properly labeled, and each must be discussed and interpreted in the paper. Do not just copy and paste tables or graphs into the assignment. You must show your understanding of the hypothesis testing method, as well as your understanding of what you are doing. Write in third person, using a clear and professional tone, voice and style. Use proper APA citations and references as needed.

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