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Based upon your reading of the Unit I Lesson

Based upon your reading of the Unit I Lesson and Chapter 1 of the textbook, please differentiate law, policy, programs, and projects. In your opinion, are these concepts interdependent, or can they be applied independently of each other? REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS or MORE) I believe that the four work can be both interdependent and can be applied independently. Laws are put in place so that the people will understand what their rights are and are protection for the people. Policies are put into place by an organization that govern how it will be structured. Policies are also sometimes stricter than laws and it lays out the guidelines for that specific organization. Laws are broader and can be interpreted by the reader. A policy can explain exactly what will and will not be tolerated. Programs are somewhat long-term, and projects are usually the opposite. To bring all of these together, A law can state; in a domestic situation, an officer shall arrest one party, your policies can state that if a financial burden will be placed on the arrested person, alternative measures can be applied, due to alternative measured being taken, the would be arrestee can be enrolled in a domestic abuse program. While in that program the person can complete group projects that would prevent the reoccurrence of domestic abuse. Independently, these can also be applied because some laws, policies, projects, and programs have been put in place where there is little to no change, just revision. such murder 2nd degree, hostile workplace policies, DARE programs, and research projects. All of these have a structured base.

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