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Assignment 2 - Create 1 - 2 page paper on any stadium or arena of your choice.

This week’s assignment is a fun one. You will do a paper on a stadium or arena of your choice (1 - 2 pages) but YOU MUST DISCUSS the following (Be sure to have read the resources in "lessons" before starting this forum.). The assignment should begin with an APA-format title page and references should be cited in APA format both at the end of the paper and in-text where the references are used. Please use each item below as a header for its respective section: · Tickets · Luxury Suites and Club Seating · Concessions · Parking · Licensed Merchandise · Sponsorships · Media IF the following information is available try including: · Taxes · Mortgage and Rent · Insurance · And Outsourcing You must have at least 3 references for this assignment. You can have as many references as you like (above three references).


Budget: $16.00

Due on: February 25, 2020 00:00

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