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Assignment 1: Future Value Calculations

Attached Files: File A very basic personal finance problem is to make a calculation to figure out how much money you would have to invest today to accumulate a certain amount by a specific date(1).docx (12.435 KB) File fvprob.xlsm (13.055 KB) Using Excel you should be able to calculate the future vale of $1,000 invested at X% per period for N periods. You should also be able to calculate the future value of a series of deposits that are made periodically. See attached Word file and WATCH THIS SERIES OF VIDEOS. See the attached files. Problems of this sort will be on exam 1. Please complete work on this by January 11:00 PM on 5th. I will post my work on the sixth of January. You do not have to post your work but rather you must do the work and if you have questions use the discussion thread to sort out your difficulties. If you have questions then you must work them out among yourselves in the Discussion Board Thread dedicated to assignment 1. This is part of your class participation. Brainstorm in the thread with each other. If you understand then help someone else who is asking a question.

Averybasicpersonalfinanceproblemistomakeacalculationtofigureouthowmuchmoneyyouwouldhavetoinvesttodaytoaccumulateacertainamountbyaspecificdate11.docx fvprob1.xlsm

Budget: $20.00

Due on: January 05, 2020 00:00

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