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Assessment Item 4: Review

Assessment Criteria: HSY315 Assessment Item 4: Review Each essay to be no more than 1,500 words (excluding notes and bibliography) is due by 5pm on Friday, week 14. Each review will provide a reflective engagement with a major theme (or themes) from the course. Specifically, the purpose is to reflect on your chosen theme/topic(s) in relation to the contemporary world (such as the meaning of war today; or the contemporary meaning of heroism in war; or the effects of changing gender norms in war today and into the future). This item may be written as a standard research essay, or it may be written as a blog, or as a personal journal. Students may choose to base their assignment on their readings of scholarly sources, or they may choose to base the assignment on their own reading of a relevant selected literary source (such as a novel, or play). All sources referred to in the assignment must be properly cited. It will be expected that each reflective writing exercise will be clearly written and relevant to the course, and should provide a full bibliography of any or all sources referred to in the assignment. Beyond this there is no set format for the reflective writing exercise. The key requirements for the Review are that: (1) The assignment does not simply summarise a chosen text(s).
 (2) That a considered effort is made to reflect on a major theme/topic (or themes/topics) in the course.
 (3) That a coherent argument is presented. You may use subheadings, graphs, tables and illustrations (so long as they are appropriately labelled). Dot points may be used so long as their meaning and relevance is demonstrated. All sources cited in the assignment must be included in a bibliography. You may use either footnotes or in-text citations. Criteria: 1. Reflective engagement with course theme(s). 2. Reflective and critical analysis of selected themes in relation to the contemporary world. 3. Clarity of expression and standard of presentation.


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