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Apply implicit Euler’s method to determine the height flew by the quadcopter

The following equation models the height flew by a modified quadcopter with respect to time. Apply implicit Euler’s method to determine the height flew by the quadcopter over the interval from t= 1 to t= 2 when given y(1) = 1.5 and h= 0.25.b.The volume of liquid Vin a hollow horizontal cylinder of radius rand length Lis related to the depth of the liquid hby Determine the value of h given r= 550 cm, L= 6m and V= 8m3using the false position method. Write a Matlab script that asks the user to enter 2 initial values and also the relative error threshold value. Then, the program will iterate until the relative error value reaches below the threshold requested by the user and the final estimated value of the depth of the liquid, h, will be displayed out

Page 3of 3Question 2Since smartphones nowadays consist of sensors such as light, sound, accelerometer, compass and GPS. Smartphones can be used to provide more exciting simple DAQ projects and can be conducted outdoors. Figure Q2 shows the list of some apps that can be used for the alternative assignment. Similar apps can be chosen by you to accommodate their selection of simple DAQ project designs. With these samples and many more, you can use your creativity to design the assignment yourselves as open-ended projects. Figure Q2: Similar applications list that can be found in both Apple AppStore (iOS) and Google Playstore (AndroidDesign a science/engineering experiment ONLY. Requires Data Collected using smartphoneONLY. Your project must be bas ed on Anova 1 Way statistical analysiswithappropriate hypothesis, calculationsand significant level. ANOVA 1 Way working mustbe doneonlybyhand calculations.Assignment uploaded must be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF).Your work must include a.Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Discussion. b.The literature review should include information about the app that you choose to use, how to use the appand the scientific experiment that you choose to conduct. c.Methodology should includes project overview, project procedure, and calibration proces

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