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Answer 3 of the questions attached. Each of them should be half a page

You should select three of the following questions and respond to them honestly and reflectively. 1. Could you ever relate to the above meme of the dog writing? If so, explain why? Reflect on when you felt like you had “no idea what you’re doing” as a writer. Provide a couple of examples of things that you now know about writing and some that you still do not know. 2. Consider the role of critical thinking and the use of evidence (logos) in your writing. Discuss at least one example of using evidence in your final research paper that strengthened the essay and explain why. 3. What does the message of “just keep writing” mean to you? Does it mean do not give up? Does it mean write through your writing struggles and you will get to the end? Does it mean that if you write frequently your writing will improve? What else might it mean to you? Explain. 4. Writing is hard. What were some strategies that you have found that make writing easier for you? Consider the way the Research Proposal, the Annotated Bibliography, drafting the research paper, peer reviewing it, breaking it down into parts or outlining it worked to make the process of writing the Research Paper less difficult. Discuss whether any of these parts of the process helped ease the writing of an eight-page paper and if they did, which ones, and how did they help? 5. What are some ways that work best for you when starting to write an essay? Be specific. Do you start with the thesis, the introduction, a supporting point, an outline, a free write, a “garbage draft,” or something else? Explain why you think this is the best way for you to “just start.” 6. Do you agree that an essay can be finished within one night? Do you believe that a quality essay can be begun and completed in one night? Explain why or why not. What are some aspects of the writing process that we’ve practiced that might make it difficult to start and complete a strong essay in one night? For example, think about using credible sources to establish ethos and to employ logos in the essay, peer reviewing, etc.

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