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Anatomy & Physiology 1

Anatomy and Physiology Tenth Edition by Patton Chapter 24 Special senses Instructions The expectations for this exercise are that the student works on this package during class and should be completed at home. The package is a graded assignment; please refer to the Participation Rubric in the course syllabus. The due date for the package is next class meeting prior testing. The student will bring the package and give it to the Professor as a ticket to test. If the student does not bring the package completed, he or she will not be allowed to test. The student and professor will proceed as per the missed test policy. Student name_________________________________________________ Date: __________________________ Professor name: ________________________________________ Date:___________ Completion Date____________ Quick Check 1. List the special senses. 2. Discuss how a receptor potential is generated in olfactory cells. 3. Discuss how a receptor potential is generated in gustatory cells. 4. Trace the path of a nervous impulse carrying (1) olfactory and (2) gustatory sense information form its point of origin to that area of the brain where interpretation occurs. 5. List the five “primary” taste sensations. 6. Locate on the tongue where taste buds are detected. 7. List the three anatomical divisions of the ear 8. Identify the three auditory ossicles 9. Name the divisions of both the membranous and bony labyrinths 10. Name the specific sense organ responsible for hearing 11. Name the layers, or coats, of the eyeball 12. Identify the layers of the retina 13. Name the four processes that function to focus a clear image on the retina 14. Outline the steps of the rhodopsin cycle Review questions 1. Define vertigo. How is vertigo treated? 2. Name two involuntary muscles in the eye. Explain their functions. Critical thinking questions 1.Describe the neural pathways for taste and smell. What would be most likely to stimulate a memory: the taste of apple pie of the smell of apple pie? Defend your answer.

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