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American Government

Project 1 Evaluation 31 American Government 1: Theories, Policies and Politics SSTH 037 059 Be sure to include ALL pages of this project (including the directions and the assignment) when you send the project to your teacher for grading. Don’t forget to put your name and I.D. number at the top of this page! This project will count for 11% of your overall grade for this course. Be sure to read all the instructions and assemble all the necessary materials before you begin. Essay: Political Ideas Do you believe the United States Constitution most closely reflects the views of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, or Patrick Henry? Do some research on one of these of individuals and explain how his ideas match the principles of the Constitution. Use at least one source other than your course materials. Your essay will be graded as follows: • Discussion of the philosopher’s views (25 points) • Summary of the Constitution’s principles, ideals, and provisions (25 points) • Discussion of similarities and differences between the philosopher’s views and the Constitution (25 points) • Use of at least one source outside your course materials (25 point) Your essay should be at least 3 pages (900 words), typed, and double-spaced. Because you will be using sources other than your textbook, you will need to include a list of references with your essay. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, which may be accessed online or in many libraries. Your paper should be free of spelling, punctuation, and typing errors. Complete your project in the space provided at the end of this project assignment document (scroll down). To submit the project, save this project assignment document. Use the course number, your name, and the project number in your file’s title: SSTH037059_ABStudent_Project1.doc Go to your course management system to upload your project file.

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