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Advocacy Persuasive Text

Assignment 3:  3 x Persuasive Texts (40%) 
Deadline for Submission: Week 14 Friday 8th May 2020 (5.59 pm) 
Please upload a SOFTCOPY with a file name like "CHAN TAI MAN 56781234 A3" via Turnitin on Canvas. 
Assignment Instructions:  • Create three persuasive texts o Part 1: two advertisements (from two visual images) and o Part 2: a written text to advocate a policy or point of view. 
• Use the persuasive strategies and appeals learnt throughout the course at both word, sentence and paragraph level. Remember it's not the quantity of persuasive strategies and appeals but the quality of their application! 
• Part 1: Word count for advertisements: 40 (min.) to 50 (min.). Put word count at end of text, • Part 2: Word count for advocacy: 800 (min.) to 1000 (max.). Put word count at end of text. • Keep a copy  

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Part 1: 2 x Persuasive Advertisements 
Advertisement 1 
Write a 40-50 word text for this print advertisement (A) (25 marks). 

Advertisement 2 
Write a 40-50 word text for this print advertisement B (25 marks). 
UBW Delivers Uber Eats 

Part 2: Advocacy Policy  (50%) 
Choose ONE of the following topics to advocate on (you can choose a more specific sub-topic within the topic you choose if you want). A. Measures to reduce climate change B. Ethnic minority education rights 
Write a text advocating a policy or point of view on this topic. The length should be approximately 600 words. (50 marks) *Note: ✓ You must advocate 'for' the topic, not 'against' it* ✓ You can use any of the information provided for your chosen topics in the 'fact sheets' included when writing your advocacy policy. ✓ When citing the sources use APA format. 

Part 3: Factsheets 
B. Ethnic minority education rights Left behind Children aged 3-5 by ethnicity in Hong Kong in 2011 who are not attending school (%) Chinese 8.5 Nepalis MMaril Pakistani Mixed* 2E1 Filipino 1172 
Pre-Form Five drop out rates among youths aged 13-19 by ethnicity (2011) Chinese 1M 6.4 Mixed IM 9.6 Pakistani Nepalis 
'Chinese and other Asian SCMP 
Source: South China Morning Post 2015. Retrieved from: htto://www.scmo.cominews/hono-kona/educotion•  communitv/orticle/1860710/57-cent-hona.konas-ethnic-minoritv-children  
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 
10 Reasons for Inclusive Schools 

1. All children have equal access to education. 2. All children learn alongside their same-age peers 3. The focus of education is on the child's abilities, not disabilities. 4. Children become accepting and understarding of one another's abilities, talents, personalities and needs. 5. Meaningful relationships and friendships develop as students spend quality time with one another. 6. Students develop confidence in their ability to interact with one another and the world around them 7. Teachers in inclusive schools are highly trained and skilled at delivering appropriate, student-centered curriculum throJgh different ated activities according to ability level. 8. In addition to the classroom teacher, children with special needs are supported by special education teachers, paraprofessionals. and specialists such as Speech/Language Therapists 9. Various resources and assistive technologies are available to students in inclusive schools in an effort to reach and teach all learners. 10. Inclusive schools value input and participation from the whole community, not just students Everyone is welcome! Source: inclusive Class Wog by Nicole Fredricks (Educator Professional). Retrieved from:,  
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