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4 Multiple choices Art Questions. Due in two hrs.

1. All of the following artists except for ONE used nudity as part of her/ his work: a) Ana Mendieta b) Carolee Schneeman c) Yoko Ono d) Judy Chicago e) Robert Mapplethorpe 2. All of the following except ONE are features of Conceptualism (though not all apply to every Conceptualist work) a) Audience participation b) Use of text/language within visual works c) Direct criticism of the art museum d) Very expensive artworks e) Sets of instructions to follow f) Temporary or fleeting projects 3. Please match the following description with correct art movement or tendency: 1) Minimalism 2) Fluxus 3) Abstract Expressionism 4) Feminist practices 5) Conceptualism A. Created action paintings that blurred the line between art and life B. Included works drawing attention to the unethical actions of art museums C. An idealistic to recalibrate the human senses D. A loose knit international group of artists that made performances and other unconventional works E. Argued that the criteria for determining historical value in visual art has been too narrow 4. The following art movement or tendencies except for ONE can be considered to have been responses to Abstract Expressionism (through sometimes for very different reasons) a) Conceptualism b) Pop Art c) Earthwork d) Surrealism e) Minimalism

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