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Must be 100% Plagiarism Free work 2100 Words (Due on 25th 11:00 p.m) Plz read study material chapter 1 OB(Organization Behavior) & Chapter 2 Employee Motivation Course: BUSS 5114 - People, Leadership, and Performance I hv attached Case study Topic-4 Employee Motivation ( PROBLEM-SOLVING APPLICATION CASE (PSAC) it is related Chapter 2 reading Foundations of employee motivations & Chapter 1 OB(Organization Behavior) Must be include below paper format. Assessment-2 – Discussion Paper - Requirements Briefly, the format should be in the five sections – Introduction, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and Conclusion with their respective headings. Within each Step, you can have as many paragraphs as you wish to have. Here are some more details: 1. Introduction (about 10% of total word count) 2. Step 1: Define the problem (about 26% of total word count) In this section, you identify all the possible outcomes (some of which have already been identified in the Integrative Framework). Problems may not be defined or clearly identifiable in the case study. If so, consider potential problems. One way to do that would be to consider the potential outcomes at Individual, group and organizational levels as listed in the Integrative Framework. Then, identify which of those outcomes would be negative (or suffer) from the case activity - and justify your selection(s). Then select one most important problem from your list. 3. Step 2: Identify important causes using OB concepts (about 26% of total word count) Analyse (using Person factors and Environmental characteristics) the causes which affect the problem(s) identified in Stop 1. These causes could come from person factors and environmental factors - for both you can refer to concepts from topics 1 to 6. You can of course use sources other than the course book/slides. References would be required. 4. Step 3: Recommended Solutions (about 26% of total word count) Use material from the topic (and also from other sources) and from any past OB knowledge or experiences to generate practical recommendations. You should recommend solutions (practical and realistic) to solve the problems identified earlier. Use concepts, theories, examples, personal experiences to support your suggestions. Have a plan of action to implement them. References would be required. 5. Conclusion (about 10% of total word count) 6. External research and information will add value and support to your discussions and arguments. And yes, referencing them would be essential. Plz check attached case study:Topic-4 Employee Motivation PROBLEM-SOLVING APPLICATION CASE (PSAC) A Fickle Cat Apply the 3-Stop Problem-Solving Approach to OB (Organization Behavior)  Step 1: What is the problem? o Use the Integrative Framework for Understanding and Applying OB (Figure 5.9) to help identify the outcomes that are important in this case. o Which of these outcomes are not being achieved in the case? o Based on considering the above two questions, what is the most important problem in this case?  Step 2: Use the Integrative Framework to identify the OB concepts or theories that help you to understand the problem in this case. o What person factors are most relevant? o What environmental characteristics are most important to consider? o Do you need to consider any processes? Which ones? o What concepts or theories discussed in this chapter are most relevant for solving the key problem in this case?  Step 3: What are your recommendations for solving the problem? o Review the material in the chapter that most pertains to your proposed solution and look for practical recommendations. o Use any past OB knowledge or experience to generate recommendations. o Outline your plan for solving the problem in this case.

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