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200 words and include reference

200 words and include reference to the text or other legitimate sources. Include APA formatting (citations and references) Un-CT 5 Think of products that market themselves to “plain folk” or to “snobs.” List at least two for each. How do they communicate their appeals? What are some similarities in their approach? How are these messages effective and how are they ineffective? Read Chapter 6 “Reasoning Errors” Diestler,S.(2012)BecomingaCriticalThinker.6 Edition.Boston:PearsonPublishing. E-book. Un-AM 5 a minimum of 150 words The 19th Amendment was the result of a collective effort of many women and men. How can you relate to the sense of accomplishment felt by many of the suffragists in the aftermath of the ratification of the 19th Amendment? How would the first wave of feminism correspond to women’s involvement in the public sector? In which activist or reform efforts would women become involved in the Progressive era (late 1890s to 1920), and how did these efforts provide women with a voice? Dubois, E.C. & Dumenil, L. (2019). Through Women’s Eyes **Chapter 5: Read p. 221; 235 – 256; and 273 – 285. Please place the answers on separate documents thanks

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