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Security risk threat assessment and executive summary


  • So the chapter we read about in class this week dealt with risk management,incident management and business continuity management. The three focus areas are: Could it happen,Is it going to happen and How bad could it be. Some of the things i noticed while walking around campus is the school has no CCtv, no cameras in the hallways , no cameras by the front entrance and nothing by the exits. The schools computer labs are right next to exits and entry ways that are always open. school has one security guard on duty. Student and public have an open range to go about the campus hallways, without being asked for identification. The campus president office is located directly up front
  • The entry ways need some form of resistance in front of them to stop an angry ex employee or student from driving a vehicle through the front and side doors. Also their are no fire alarms in the hallawys in case of a fire. In the culinary part of the school they have huge knifes hanging on the walls in a box. anyone at any given time can break the glass on the knives boxes and have acces. Let me know if you need more details
  • Submit the threat assessment, recommendation, and any other relevant information pertenant to support your assessment.   Please identify the three most concerning threats and how to mitigate these. it needs a short executive summary also

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