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Evaluation of Associations


**An evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages)**citations and a reference section in APA format



1.      Ethical Framework: What ethical frameworks will your team deploy to help develop analysis of the topic?

a.       The non-consequentialist approach of rights and duties as an ethical framework will be important.

                                                                                                        i.            This framework will work well with how and why regulations and laws are being applied to sUAS

                                                                                                      ii.            Additionally, it will coincides with the right and duties pilots face when making ethical decisions.

b.      On the other hand the consequentialist approach of utilitarianism will be good when weighing in the consequences of sUAS technology.

                                                                                                        i.            Deploying this time of framework will work well when trying to understand environmental, economic and societal  consequences.


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