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In no more than 525 words, use your company's 10k from Week 1 to report on the following:


  • Locate the notes to the financial statements.
  • Did you identify any investments in other entities?
  • If so, are they accounted for under the cost method, the equity method, or consolidation?
  • Are they significant to the overall entity's financial statements?
  • Identify which additional notes the company has in their Form 10-K.
  • In addition to the notes that you analyzed related to fixed assets,  goodwill, and debt, what other notes did you find significant in your  analysis of the company?
  • What additional disclosures would have been helpful in your evaluation of the company's financial health? 
  • Based on your additional analysis of the company, how has your  evaluation of the company's financial health changed since your analysis  during Week 4?

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