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Field of study: Calculus Homework Help

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with how things change. This means that it offers a chance for us to investigate modeled systems in instances where change is evident not forgetting allowing us to make predictions about those models. Thus calculus focuses on two aspects one being rate of change while the second accumulation of such change. This subject is divided into two parts namely integral and differential calculus. In the two branches, algebraic and geometric concepts are incorporated into limits. Limits enable us to study the effect of concentrating the points of a graph closer upto an infinitely small distance which is almost but never equal to zero.

Differential calculus explanation

Calculus help

 In algebra, we could be interested in looking for the slope of a line trying to solve equations of the form change in Y divided by change in X. In calculus we will be dealing with the slope of a curve. The difference is that on a curve, slopes of any two points will not be equal. The solution is found by using the same equation as that of algebra. This time we assume that two points of interest on the curve are brought closer together such that the difference between them is almost equal to zero.

Explaining Integral calculus

This one lets us find the accumulation of change where we deal with volumes or areas of a curve. In algebra we could be dealing with areas of a rectangle or triangle but for calculus we need to find areas of asymmetric shapes and add them together.

I feel like I know how things change, how does calculus help me?

This is a normal feeling to every person. It is common to have qualitative calculus notions for example as it regards to speed and acceleration matters while driving an automobile considering that  people knew a lot about it earlier enough.  Calculus helps in providing a chance to construct quantitative models of such changes and investigate what consequences may come with these them. This gives you the ability to pin point the effects of conditions’ change on the subject system. With the study of a subject, you will now be able to learn how to take control of such a system and make it do things your way. For example, engineers are able to control and model systems which grants them extraordinary power in the material world. Due to calculus, the world has tremendously advanced from the days of Archimedes with its application to physics and engineering playing a significant role in development of today’s science and technology. Calculus can therefore help in modeling instantaneous change which happens over very tiny intervals of time. It is clear that these changes are simpler than those that happen in finite time intervals which make them very easy to model. The problem is that identifying information regarding objects motion from the details of speed and acceleration is not easy. Calculus helps in deducing such information from motions of objects using their speed and acceleration by involving interrelations of concepts amplified by the speed. 

How does studying calculus help?

For starters, you will understand how to describe the notions of acceleration and speed notions. Single variables in calculus will deal with an objects motion along a single fixed path while multivariable calculus will deal with the motion of objects that takes place on space or a surface. There are other topics you will cover in calculus and this is just an overview of the course outline.

  • Numbers and functions
  • Differentiation-which deals with how to find instantaneous changes or derivatives for functions
  • Use of derivatives in solving various types of problems
  • Integration- which is a reversal of the differentiation or derivative function
  • Detailed integration of functions of certain types
  • Integration as used in solving for geometric problems such as volume and areas of certain parts of the curve
  • Other topics as per the course you are taking such as power and infinite series not forgetting how infinite series changes to numbers.

From the above outline, it is clear that the course would be bogging and not for everyone. However every student has to undertake it and not only is applicable in physics and engineering but in all other courses such as business, health, education etc. for purposes of analysis and decision making. With that said, it is clear that you will find yourself in trouble with your instructor or teachers due to the vast homework quantities given daily on the subject which for your information requires technicalities and professionalism to solve especially for those students that are not mathematicians and this is where we come in.

So do you offer calculus homework help?

Ultimately calculus is a challenge to many and considering the amount of homework added by other teachers other than in this class, students like you will require help from reliable sources. We provide this kind of help in almost every other subject since it is our believe that the abilities and interests of every human being are unique. You may even be interested in calculus but at times, circumstances could not allow you to complete the homework and assignments on time which leads to outsourcing of such services just to avoid getting poor grades or trouble with your professors.

I agree, so how do I get started?

Our website strives at making sure that it is user friendly hence the form above is used for posting homework questions or assignments that you need help in, remember that this is not only for calculus but any other subject out there in which you could be facing a difficulty. The details in that form are easy to fill and nothing much but an introduction of yourself for those who are not part of our community and letting us know the specific questions which you are in need of help to. It is worth noting that our website maintains your anonymity and we do not reveal your details or information to third parties. Also recall that not much of your information is collected just a username and email .You do not even need to register or log in to post your homework, work things out as a guest and we shall guide on the next procedures.

I have posted the question what happens?

Thank you for posting your assignment. It is our hope that you indicated calculus homework help as the field of study in the form above. Now the time has come for our tutors to start bidding for your work which is done using handshake messages. Please review the messages by reading every thread carefully and select the person who highly impresses you. Choosing a tutor involves review of his or her profile and verifying he is qualified to offer calculus help. Also remember to check out the reviews and ratings provided by other students specifically on questions related to your subject.

So far so good, what next?

Nice progress, now you will have to sign an online agreement with your selected teacher. This is easy and simple since you just agree to the handshake. After agreeing to it, you will be required to pay 30% down payment of the price agreed. The agreement is meant to conceal the deal between a student and a tutor and assert their commitment in delivering their end.

Deal signed, when do I get the answers?

A teacher selected will try as much as possible to deliver your answers almost instantly. However if you had indicated an urgent deadline, it is the responsibility of the tutor to make sure that he beats the timeline. When posting the homework question, the following things are important

  • Deadline
  • Field of study
  • Question description
  • Question title
  • Question’s answers price

These details specify the type of tutors and services you are looking for. When a tutor answers the question, you shall be alerted using email notifications and it time you make the final payment to access it. This payment is 70% of the price agreed between a teacher and student. This only applies for original authors of the question who had signed an agreement with the tutor. It is possible that you are interested in buying an answer to a question that isn’t yours. No worries, as long as the question has an answer, you can buy such answers. This is done by clicking on the link of that question and on that page just click on the purchase button, if prompted to log in or sign-up please do it and proceed as the site indicates. The answers will be unlocked immediately for use in your calculus classes and homework. We aim at providing help to as many students as possible whether it is in assignments or tutorials. You can also get a private tutor for you calculus course here as long as all the work is done online using our website.

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