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Field of study: Geometry Homework Help

Geometry is a more complicated field of math that deals with objects, shapes and their properties. This is not and will never be one of the most interesting subjects to deal with especially for the kids and students who face challenges in math and its related subjects. Such students will require specialized coaching or tutoring to understand geometry and this help will never come from their class teacher. It is therefore important to try and find your kid a geometry helper if you establish that this is not one of his or her favorite subjects. Despite these challenges, the subject is useful in our day to day lives and cannot be done away with. We deal with shapes, angles, objects and properties every day in our existence for example the basic houses that we call home are geometrical products. While most other service providers try to universally give common tutorials and lectures for the subject, we pride in helping you with your specific geometry problems.  Our website therefor provides a student with homework help for the question that he or she posts. The internet has brought about a vast and wide access of resources but these resources can be detrimental if they are not falling on the right hands. This information however is very useful when in the right place. Our teachers and community as a general try to make the best use of knowledge and skills and share it out with students who require assistance in various subjects like math, algebra, calculus and geometry.

What level should geometry be taught at in schools?

geometry homework helpIntroducing kids to geometry in high school level has been considered hard and unpractical to life. Various teachers in private and public schools have continuously tried several teaching techniques tailored at making students understand this subject and we have seen success with some and no success at all in others. If this is a challenge to well trained teachers, homeschooling parents find it even more difficult. Because high school is first contact point for student with geometry, it has obviously presented some difficulty in proving that this subject can be used formally. We think it is easier for students to be introduced to geometry in early stages of life such as middle and elementary schools which will help the students get a mindset in how to navigate the problems in the subject. The teachers for mathematics should use more illustrations and justify the truths and statements in the subject. They should also try to explain how and when things work plus not forgetting to bring on board the students who could be challenged to give justifications and explanations.

Why do you need help understanding geometry concepts?

Research has been done and it suggests that the understanding of this subject is progressive as a student advances in his academic level. These levels cannot be skipped and they are commonly known as Hiele Van levels and they are discussed below. 

The visual level

This involves the students’ ability to recognize the figures as per the specific properties of the objects. This means that a student should be able to recognize a rotated triangle and not get used only the prototype triangles that appears in their textbooks.

Analytical or descriptive level

 This is the ability of a student to tell the difference between sufficient and necessary properties of shapes shown to them. It is important for a student studying geometry to know that a rectangle has four sides, they are all right angled and they are not necessarily equal or parallel. Categorizing the shapes should also be easy for the student and little or no confusion cannot be experienced at this stage.

Relational and abstract level

the student at this stage should form an abstract, understand the distinguishing features, definitions and all the sufficient conditions for the shapes. This will include the student justifying their informal reasoning before getting to formal proofs. This is where a student should be before undertaking high school geometry.

Formal level of education

This is where the student undertakes geometry in his or her class work.  Help is required for the student to be able to use definitions, theorems and axioms. They can be able to justify and produce statements with academic facts. At this level, high school geometry is taught.

Meta mathematical or rigor level

This is where college geometry is taught and the student can now reason in a formal way and give differences in various axiomatic shapes academically.

Our geometry help model

With us understanding the troubles that every student faces in this subject, we know the demand for help is high.  While most people try to acquire private tutors and get ripped off their hard earned income either for kids or adult geometry students, we provide you with a market where it is easy to acquire teachers in the subject. We know that even the homework questions given in this subject could be hard to get answers as such battles could arise between parents and kids. To solve this, there are online tutors available 24 hours every day who are willing to give answers to any geometry homework questions. This makes us a reliable help source and you can even access the services while at work or class. 

Do you have answers key for geometry textbooks questions?

Having such keys would not be easy since every student faces a difficulty in different questions. Thus there is a variation in the aspect of help required by our clients. It is also clear to you by now that textbooks are published every day and the one that your teacher is using could be different from that used in another school. What we offer is a solution to your specific homework question compared to giving pre-written answers for textbook problems. Other websites try to deliver answers to books that are commonly used in teaching geometry and this could land you in trouble with your teacher especially if they are wrong and have been submitted in the same format by one or more persons in you class. Also it is common sense that the teachers avoid giving you such direct questions or stop teaching with the books whose answers are available online. To be on the safe side, we write your answers as per the questions you post and hence they will be uniquely made. A common book that students are looking for answers are discovering geometry questions and those solutions available online which could at times be wrong. Here we give a dummy in geometry the help required in real time by enhancing interactions with our tutors and also ensuring that they are available for the entire global population of students. Being highly qualified, our teachers handle elementary, middle, high school, college and university questions providing help to millions of students. One way that we allow you to post homework questions is by taking pictures or scanning the pages on your textbooks for the problems you need answers in. This makes it possible to add the attachments for as many textbook images as possible to your questions.  Our tutors will use the information on such images to get the geometry problems and follow your instructions to deliver answers.

So how do I get help here?

Our process is simple and easy for every user since believe that this subject is being taught every part of the world and acquiring assistance will be vital to even a person in the remotest of all places. To get started, you will need to provide the problem for our tutors by posting the homework question using the form on this page. If however you are in need of adding more attachments to the question, we shall give you a chance later or use the following form. Despite the form you opt to use, it is important to select geometry homework help field of study which gives our system a command that such tutors are needed immediately.  When you post the homework questions, it is now time for our tutors to offer help by bidding for you assignments. This will happen by requesting to provide answers to your geometry questions using handshakes.

What are handshakes?

Handshakes are agreements that we provide online between a student and a tutor indicating that the two parties have committed to deliver their end of the deal. For a student this would mean that you will only purchase the geometry answers provided by that specific teacher and on the other hand the tutor commits to deliver your work in the agreed timeline and an undisputable quality. Whether your questions are form a textbook or from an online portal, it is the responsibility of the tutor to undertake the required research and deliver quality and easy to understand geometry answers.

How do I sign the agreement?

For a tutor, it is mandatory that you sign the deal before sending a handshake message to the student. The student will then use these messages to vet teachers who are offering to help in his or her geometry questions. Once the student has selected a deserving teacher, he will sign the agreement and a notification shall be sent to that specific person about the same. It is now time for the student to make a monetary commitment by undertaking a 30% down payment.

How soon will my homework be delivered?

When posting your geometry homework, we requested that you provide a due date for the answers. However, should that have slipped your mind, a date is automatically provided and this guides the tutor on the delivery date. Our system indicates the present days date as the delivery date. A student should be keen to details because urgent jobs tend to be charged highly since the teachers will work on them quickly while not compromising on the quality of answers given to your geometry homework. It is also possible that during agreement signing, a tutor will request for a due dates clarification. Either way, our teachers shall deliver quality and original answers in the shortest time possible.

Continue enjoying our services

We provide homework help to many students. It is our motto to make sure that resources and information needed to ace your classes is at the fingertips. We never close down and operate with full time support. Help is not provided only in geometry but on all other subjects taught in school and for various academic levels. Our community is continuously growing and expanding to reach everyone out there.

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