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Today, it is common to get homework battles among kids, students, parents and teachers. These battles arise as a result of various factors such as resources, time given to submit the answers for grading, the amount of homework given etc.  With the internet and technology available, it should not be a hustle to access knowledge and help from any part of the world. With educational services being very sensitive and requiring provision of specific aspects of knowledge like math, science, statistics, English grammar, economics and finance, there is need that we use qualified academic experts to offer the services. Our work here is to ensure that you find these helpers with ease that are at all times willing to offer high quality and original services. Using the services of a homework helper is not cheating but it actually like being a smart person who will utilize the final product to get knowledge and concepts which are provided by a person that is guaranteed to be correct.We have an ever continually growing tutors’ team with vast experiences and qualifications. homework helper onlineOur website is also a one stop shop for all your homework needs. We do not deal with homework questions in only certain subjects; our helpers can handle any subject and topic as long as it is relevant to their areas of expertise. is a competitive market and for this reason we practice the economics of supply and demand hence no dictation of prices that you pay. The student suggests a price and gets to have a chance to negotiate with the homework helper selected. The highly ranked and rated helpers will charge higher prices since their services are reviewed by other students as being quality. When you need quality services, it is common sense that you would need such a tutor and for him or her to provide the services, the student will part with a higher price.

There are several other websites providing the same services and we believe that for us to be competitive in the market, we need to strategically consider the delivery of our services. With that in mind, due dates and ease of use on our website is a core factor to us. To achieve this we have made sure that we have post homework question forms on almost every page so that you do not need to navigate to other pages when you land here. As we said earlier, you also get to choose a price that is comfortable for you to access our services.

What exactly happens here?

We are a website that offers assistance to students with difficulty in their homework. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that our team of helpers can view or access their questions and this happens when you post it on the site using our forms. Our helpers shall undertake a bidding process where you get to select one person that really impresses and has the knowledge required working on your homework questions.

Can my homework be done by various helpers?

If you feel the need to compare several answers to your homework, it is possible to have two or more tutors doing your homework. This means that you will have to pay more downpayments since every helper chosen will need a signed agreement to work on your questions. It is also important to recall that when buying the final answers, more money shall be spent since every helper selected will deliver solutions to your assignment. Our services are high quality and we pride in helping students like you ace their classes. With that in mind we cannot actually advise that you select several homework helpers since only one is enough.

How do I seal the deal?

Thank you for proceeding to use our help. Sealing the deal happens when you have already selected the best helper for your homework and decided that he or she will deliver your answers. To sign the deal, click on the sign agreement box in the handshake thread between you and your selected helper. After you have signed the agreement, a notification will be sent to the tutor indicating that a student has agreed to the handshake. Now on the same thread you will see a PayPal button which should be used to make the downpayment.  When the payment is received, you will now be good to go and the tutor will deliver quality and original answers to your homework. The downpayment is always 30% of the price you agreed with the helper but this can be edited either on the higher or lower side as the student deems comfortable.

When will the homework helper deliver?

While we provide live online interaction with our tutors, your assignment may require some deep and detailed research to get solutions. When signing the agreement, you must also have agreed on the deadline for submission of your work. Now, after receiving the downpayment, our selected helper will start working on the assignment. If your homework is simple and can be delivered in real time, it shall be delivered instantly .Students with urgent homework questions should indicate that in their due date and also in the question description.

Is downpayment deducted from price?

Yes the downpayment paid during the bidding process will be deducted when paying for your final answer. The helper you selected shall price the answer at full price you agreed on but when you are the original author of that question, you will pay 70% of such a price. For students who are not original authors of the question and they feel the need to access such an answer, they will have to pay 100% of the price indicated by the homework helper. The original homework question author might rarely decide not to pay the downpayment and if this is the case, when you need to access the answer, you will pay 100% of the price. For example if the price is $ 100 and you paid $ 30 for downpayment, you will only pay $70 to access the answers. If you had not paid the downpayment and the price by a helper is $ 100, then the student shall be obliged to pay the entire amount.

After completing the payment, when do I get the answers?

After the system has received an IPN from PayPal, the answers that you bought will be unlocked immediately. You will be able to access them and download any attachment there in. The good thing is that the answers are accessible to you for life or an unlimited time. To get access at a later date, go to My homework>Purchased answers and click on the title of the answer you want to view.

These are not the answers I wanted, can my money be refunded?

Sorry to hear that you made a wrong payment. Yes we shall refund all the money spent on purchasing them. Go to disputes and file one using the PayPal transaction code received when making the payment. Indicate that the reason as being not what you wanted. Our homework helper who authored the answer will then be bound to refund the full amount for it to be automatically solved. All refunds can be viewed in the received payment section and they will be eligible for withdrawal after ten days.

Do you sell tutorials?

Suppose you are looking for a guide to help answer your assignment questions, we shall be glad to provide the service. You might have searched a question using any search engine and they brought you to our website. The question could also be answered by several tutors and you feel that they could be of use to the assignment at hand. Then it is possible to buy them as tutorials. Remember that when buying answers for questions that you did not author, the price charged during checkout is 100% meaning no downpayment shall be deducted since no agreement had been signed earlier. Our homework helpers may also have questions that they feel can be of use to other students, we encourage posting such assignments as tutorials on our website. To post a tutorial, you will use this form and remember to check the “Is tutorial box”. This tells the system not to allow for handshake from other helpers hence you will not receive handshake messages. After posting a tutorial, it is important to post answers to it because you never know when a student will be in need of them. Tutorials always sell and they are a good way to increase the revenues of a homework helper. However, we encourage that tutorials be for only unique questions.

How do I become a homework helper?

To join our ever growing population of tutors, you will need to register for free on this site. After completing the registration, it is paramount that you create a teacher profile on your account. This teacher profile has been designed to market your skills hence you should indicate qualifications and areas of homework that you will be a helper in. We encourage all subjects like math, English, Spanish, science, statistics etc. for levels like high school, college, undergraduate, masters and Phd. After the teacher profile is submitted, we shall then require an online and automatic approval of your details. This is done by verifying your PayPal account for free and it is done once. When providing the qualification details, it is important that such information be verifiable since we always request for prove of them regularly and if this is not the case, the account is always deleted and you will not be one of our homework helpers anymore. Such strict measures are undertaken to protect our students from fraudulent homework helpers and to make sure that you work in areas that fit the qualifications indicated.

How do I get work as a helper?

When you have completed the teacher profile, it is now time to get started and work. We usually send instant notifications alerting you of new questions in your areas of expertise. However it is always important to be pro-active and approach students when new questions are posted using our handshake messages. The first few contacts always get to do the work. Maintaining high ratings and ranks also helps in getting homework questions to work on from students. 

How do I get paid for my services?

The students will make downpayments and buy the answers to questions you have answered. When your answers are purchased, the payment shall be held for ten days on our site and then they will be eligible for withdrawal if no dispute has been filed on that specific transaction. We always deduct a 20% commission on every payment made to you and this applies to first and consequent payments for every answer. What we mean here is that an answer may be bought by several students which is good for your business. When this happens and a student other than the author of the questions buys your answer, then we shall deduct only 20% of the price as a commission. Disputes are filled for specific transactions and every disputed payment shall be held which makes it not eligible for maturity hence withdrawal. A good and quick method to resolve a dispute is for the homework helper to make a full refund to the student. If you do not make a refund for a dispute filed within three days, we shall then be charging you an extra 20% commission on consequent payments received for your services. We have these measures to make sure that our students are happy and hence a tutor should try to resolve disputes as quickly as possible. What we mean by charging an extra 20% commission is this; if you receive a payment of $ 100 and you do not have a dispute, we shall send $ 80 to your PayPal account upon maturity after ten days when it shall be eligible for withdrawal. Now assuming you have a dispute which has a grace period of over 3 days and you receive $ 100 for your services to a student, then we shall deduct 20% normal commission plus an extra 20% penalty for not resolving the dispute in every transaction made for your services. This means on the $ 100 received, you will receive $ 60 in your PayPal account upon withdrawal.

When will funds appear in my PayPal Account?

When you make a withdrawal of funds from your received payments section, the transaction will be completed by our site administrators. Normally we usually send funds to your PayPal account within 24 hours after withdrawal but this can happen earlier or later depending on the number of transactions. This means you should be patient and wait for the funds to appear in your account.

Withdrawal limits

Every homework helper should know that funds are eligible for withdrawal within ten days after the student has bought your answer. However we have set a minimum withdrawal balance at $ 20 so when you see matured funds in your received payments section and the withdrawal button does not appear, it is because the amount is below 20 dollars. When enough funds are eligible for withdrawal, the button will appear and you can send us a request to transfer the money to your PayPal account.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for joining us and please continue using or providing the services. If you have a burning issue please feel free to contact us or chat with a live assistance below

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