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Accounting homework help and answers

Field of study: Accounting Homework Help

Accounting is a subject that is becoming more common today with the skills being required by every business and enterprise out there. As a practice, it involves the arrangement of financial data and information of a business to produce reports that will be used either by external or internal users for decision making purposes. The increase in demand for such services has seen more students studying the subject from the earliest academic levels such as high school, college and university. Despite the subject being on demand, getting everything right in it is not easy. Our tutors are aware that accounting is key to your studies and finding homework answers to the subject could be a problem.

How do I get started here?

accounting homework helpOur website is designed for you to post your question with ease using the form above. If you are a guest, welcome to your accounting partner and we shall walk together in this journey. This website has a lot of accounting tutors who can handle all levels such as 100, 101, 200 and 201 until you finally graduate. If the accounting questions you require help in are in the form of a document, a worksheet or other form of data, it is important that you include an attachment in it. To do this, use the following form.

I am new to accounting, can you help?

Congratulations to joining a business course either in high school, college or university levels. For those in the other courses, it is also almost mandatory to undertake a basic course in the subject and from you study schedule, there must be a course titled accounting 100 or 101. This means that you will study the basics of financial accounting to prepare you in undertaking and understanding simple concepts that you will meet in real life after graduating. You do not have to panic if numbers are not your thing. Our teachers work day and night to make sure that you achieve or ace your classes.

What exactly will you find in accounting 101?

These are basics in accounting like double entry concepts where you will be involved in debiting and crediting of financial transactions. The other aspect of accounting 101 is introduction to International standards IAS and IFS. The course then proceeds to preparation of financial statements starting with the journal entries, preparation of T-accounts or the general ledger, preparing the trial balance, preparing basic income statements and finally the balance sheet or statement of financial position as it is commonly referred to us today.

This may sound simple in theory or when reading but practically it is quite difficult especially when you are pursuing a non-business course. With that in mind, we have tutors and teachers well qualified in accounting some with Masters Degrees and PHD plus CPA qualifications to help you with your accounting 101 introductory basics.

Students should however be ready to utilize the concepts provided by our teachers in their homework answers for Accounting 101 since these will be applied even in higher levels for those who wish to proceed with a course in the subject. Our tutors will only provide help enough for you to understand and ace your classes but the application bit and utilization of the skills and concepts used by them is on your side.

This is not cheating by any way since you are just requesting accounting expert to help you understand the concepts by simply preparing answers that are well formatted and easy to understand.

There are other many ways to get the basic concepts of accounting that appear in your 101 course but we believe you should not hustle when a teacher at can help you understand the subject better and make you a passionate accountant simply by providing answers that are well tailored.

What other areas of accounting homework do you provide help and answers to?

This is an excellent question and we are happy to answer. Accounting as a subject is wide and has been divided in various categories and levels. The introductory level is mostly known as 101 but beyond that there are many other categorizations of the subject which we shall analyze below.

Cost accounting homework help

Costing is a management function which is used to record, analyze and summarize the incurring of costs by a business. Compared to the basics learnt in level 101, cost accounting is more complex and advanced since we are involved in establish the drivers of expenses and other liabilities that will be incurred in the day to day running of a business. It involves an in-depth analysis of the costs attached to process, products, projects and daily activities of the business which are then summarized and reported to the management. There are many topics involved in cost accounting such as variance analysis, absorption costing, game theory, queuing theory, simulation etc. Here at, we have teachers that will offer help and answers in all the topics of your cost accounting homework. With tutors who have undertaken advanced levels such as MSC finance, Phd and CPA/ACCA courses, we pride in being the best partner for you cost accounting course. This means that our teachers understand the ever changing trend and systems used to undertake costing processes plus the regulations that are released every day to ensure smooth cost accountability in the business world. We also understand that students studying this course will find a lot of complex formulas which may be applicable in their homework and sincerely speaking you will need the help of an expert who can provide easy to understand answers in you cost accounting courses. Compared to accounting 101 where you just need to synthesize basic double entry concepts and face almost the same situations or conditions in your homework, cost accounting will have dynamic homework questions which require application of concepts and formulas that are hard. For example in variance costs analysis, you will be involved in doing a quantitative analysis of the actual and planned costs by an organization which is aimed at maintaining control over a business cost behavior. To do this, you will require identifying and understanding the difference between actual and planned costs plus have an explanation as to why such variances maybe occurring. Given such a situation in a cost accounting homework question, a student may find it difficult to make the differences and ultimately you can spend most of your useful time in trying to get answers to the questions and that is where our tutors come in. Remember that your will get all the help and answers online using our website and we keep your details private.

Managerial accounting homework help

If you are still advancing in accounting, by now you should be beyond 101 and cost courses.  Management accounting is a part of accounting which involves decision making with regard to business processes and projects. This will help the managers in choosing the most suitable decision, plan on how to conduct their business and measure the performance of such strategies compared to the industry. When studying this course whether you are in college or university level, difficult homework questions will come your way and you may need an expert’s help in getting the answers to such accounting problems. At, we understand the complexity of the subject and we have tutors who are available day and night to provide help and answers in your homework questions with regard to management accounting.

Do you provide accounting help and answers for Wiley plus homework?

Today, the education methods have changed and we know that most students are undertaking online accounting courses on Wiley plus platform. Yes we provide help with your accounting problems on this platform but we do not have readymade answers for accounting homework questions that are on Wiley Plus. What we mean exactly is that we do not have answers key for the homework questions on this platform. To get help with homework problems on your Wiley plus class, you will need to provide our teachers or tutors with such questions. This can be done by logging in to your Wiley plus online portal and copying the homework questions on a word document, then posting the questions on our website. When you post the problems on our site, our teachers will then provide the help and answers required with full accounting workings and formulas which will be easy for you to understand and conceptualize. This is the best method as compared to letting one of our teachers undertake your homework questions on the Wiley plus portal where he will only submit the answers for grading and you will not have the workings and formulas to make you understand how to handle such accounting problems in future. We have teachers who are ready to help in every chapter from 1 to 10 and on various aspects such as cost, managerial and financial accounting homework questions on Wiley plus.

My accounting homework is on Cengage, can you help?

Yes we will always be happy to provide you with answers for your Cengage homework. To do this, you will need to provide us with the details of your questions. This can be done by copying the homework questions and pasting them in a word document which you will then use to post them on our website. Our teachers will then be able to provide the help required and post the answers to your question which can be accessed only by you. Another option is providing the teacher with your Cengage account credentials where he will work on the homework questions in your account and submit for grading. This has one disadvantage in that you will not be able to have the working s and concepts used to arrive at the answers for your homework since the tutor only enters the final answers to your Cengage portal. When using the provision of credentials method for a teacher to do your Cengage accounting homework on the portal, both parties should make sure that payment is done on our site. Payments made outside our website do not have a money back guarantee and hence we are not involved.

Do you have connect accounting answers?

If you need answers to accounting questions on McGraw Hill’s connect, then you will need to provide such problems to our teachers. This is easy and simple since you can copy and paste the questions on our website. It is also possible to grant one of our teachers the credentials to your account and have them do it for you. However, when using this method, it is important that all the payments are made using our website since external payments cannot be refunded on our site.

Many people may be trying to find Connect accounting answers key out there but we can assure you that there is none. This is because the questions produced by the connect system are dynamic and they are very different depending on the institution that you are from. This means that it is impossible for any one person to predict the questions generated by the system and hence you cannot be able to prepare their answers. However you can get help by having such questions done by a professional accounting teacher here at

Do you offer other accounting services other than homework?

Yes, we offer accounting services. If you are in need of professional services for your business, job or other purposes we can undertake such projects. We have qualified accountants who will be willing to help in more detailed projects that require skills in various systems such as QuickBooks, Sage and Pastel etc. We also have tax experts who can provide consultation services and also prepare the returns. You might even require to high professional auditors using our site and you will get them here.

I have posted my accounting homework, how do get help or answers?

Thank you for choosing us. After submitting your questions, our teachers who are qualified in accounting shall approach you with handshake requests. A handshake is a bidding process that tutors use on our website to get homework problems from students like you that need help. Teachers will send these requests almost instantly after a new question has been posted. The student should read several messages. Also try to choose one of the tutors who have higher ratings with regard to answers and help provided by him to other accounting students. The ratings and reviews of the teacher could be found on his or her profile. After you have selected a pleasing tutor, proceed and sign the agreement between you and him.

I have signed the agreement, what next?

Now the next step is proceeding to make a downpayment .This is meant to ensure that you have sealed the deal between you and our teacher who has made a commitment that they will provide the help and high quality answers to your accounting homework questions. The downpayment also acts as a surety that the student will buy the answers provided by the chosen tutor and not any other tutor. Remember it is possible for your homework to be answered by different teachers but you should only buy the one from a tutor you have paid a downpayment to if the question was originally authored by you.

My accounting answers are done, how do I get them?

It is always our motto that teachers must deliver help to students on the indicated time. When a teacher posts the answer to your accounting question and you are the original author of the work, then you will require paying only the remaining 70% of the price to access your solutions. This can be done by navigating to that specific url using My homework>My Questions and click on the title of the answered question. The page opens in a new tab; you should scroll down the page until you see the Answer section where there is a PayPal button that you will use to make the payment. Should the question be having answers from many teachers, please make sure you choose the one posted by the tutor that you had signed an agreement with. After coming back from PayPal, you will now be able to access the answer and download any attachment on it . This access is granted for an unlimited time period.

Are your accounting help services covered by money back guarantee?

Yes, our services have a money back guarantee and hence if you find that the answers provided by an accounting tutor to your homework questions are not what you requested for, then the following options are available.

First you can ask the teacher to make revisions to your answers and if he complies with your requirements, then great. However should the teacher completely fail to give you the help you deserve and the payment has already being done, then you can ask for a full refund using our dispute filing system. A dispute is automatically resolved when the tutor refunds your money.

I want to help students with their accounting homework, how do I start?

Welcome to the ever growing community of accounting tutors. To get started, create an account on our website using the register form . From there you should create an eye catching teacher profile indicating a marketing statement on the short about and fill all other details on your profile. When indicating your academic qualifications, please be aware that we randomly ask for verification. This happens from time to time and if we find that you indicated qualifications that are not verifiable, we shall delete your teacher account. After your teacher account has been approved, you should proceed and verify your PayPal account. This is free and done only once. 

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